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On April 27, join NYS survivors of rape, sexual violence, domestic violence, and other crimes as we come together to support and give voice to Parole Justice and other alternatives to the carceral system. Register:

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Protip: don't waste time talking with fascists
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Can you recommend me the best Captain America comics?

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

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Inclusive Future Magazine is an anthology of speculative prose, poetry, and art in the guise of a pop culture magazine from the future.

They're looking for pieces right now for Issue 1:

#gender #nonbinary #trans #literature #magazine #future

eventually, humans are gonna evolve into venomous crabs, and I’m totally cool with that

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sometimes I take a moment to reflect on how baby me used to be so full of cringe, and how after years of therapy and hard work, I am now a totally different type of cringe

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i think if you fell into a bottomless pit you'd just get bored

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Meowtivation (n):
1. the act or an instance of a cat motivating an individual, or a cat providing an individual with a reason to act in a certain way.
2. the state or condition of being motivated by a cat or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something due to a cat.
3. a cat who motivates; inducement by a cat; incentive provided by a cat.

uspol, emetophobia 

one time I was flipping through channels and Ted Cruz was addressing Congress and right at the moment he started speaking, bb started coughing up a hairball. I’ve never before related so hard to a cat hocking up a hairball.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m having tacos with my kitties.

Gina carano, death mention (joke) 

[image description: yellow text on black background, mimicking Star Wars opening crawl, reading “The Mandalorian Season 3. Cara Dune crashed her x wing and died. Laugh Out Loud.”]

trans dysphoria 

having some really bad dysphoria rn

dont wanna get into it here, but I’m gonna have to make some phone calls. I’m in a safe place and I have my kitties and close friends. I have people i can talk to. I just want to acknowledge this. I can’t do that on Facebook.

i think unearthing the memories of my former friend who was awful when I tried to come out as trans as a teenager unblocked the dam that held back my dysphoria if that makes any sense. I guess I need a therapist now.

all the people you’ve dated who later came out as trans? they’re not your ex-(deadgender demonym for partner.) the word you’re looking for is eggxes.

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