Doing makeup and making stuff out of pony beads is something I've craved for a while! I'm trying my best to be less scared of expressing my genderfluidity and it makes me happy to be myself.

Thinking of trying out ey/em/emself pronouns along with my he/him/himself and they/them/themself

Also I'm really grossed out about the possibility of ending up in a situation where an ignorant person thinks I'm detransitioning because of identifying as genderfluid after previously identifying as a binary trans man uhgggg I hope that doesn't happen 馃槵

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Last spring I realized I'm genderfluid and queer, I use he/him and they/them pronouns, I want to get braver about wearing a skirt or make up sometimes outside but I'm still really nervous that people would be violent to me.

I haven't logged in in a while, here's Chester, me and my girlfriend adopted him about 2 months ago he's so sweet and cuddly but also energetic and chaotic.


Queer update: At the moment, I'm feeling queerly queer.

Ahhhhh WI is opening its vaccine availability to people with certain conditions including asthma and I just scheduled my first covid shot and I'm fucking crying tears of joy! 馃槶馃槶馃槶

I just want daylight savings time to happen already, the sun owes me dopamine 馃槶馃槶馃槶

we went to fill up the little food pantry in our neighborhood and it was full. People would have you believe stuff like this isn't workable bc people are too greedy or destructive, but I've never seen that pantry empty.

I cried today, acknowledging that trump is actually gone, and reflecting on how the last 4 years affected me, and knowing that the future has to be better than this

(Don't think Biden is perfect or a hero, I just so happy trump is gone)

us pol, 45 

i鈥檓 one of the many people that voted to get donald out of the white house and i鈥檓 proud of that

don't tolerate fash, don't argue with fash, out them and deplatform them

Umm ok wow, I started poking around online and I was trying to pin down where my political timeline starts..... I've always remembered the election between Bush and Al Gore as when I started caring about politics, but I was confused and thought that was the election of 2004 when I was 10, but I was wrong which means I actually started caring about politics and hating George Bush when I was 6!?!? Wtf I feel kinda badass!

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