Idle thought: it's a shame that capitalism has turned the meaning of "volunteer" from "unforced, by choice" into "unpaid".

Another reason I am pretty happy is my cold is definitely going away

So I've been doing a whole lot of research looking up stuff about the top surgery letters and what they have to consist of and what the criteria is and I'm so excited right now I can't wait to go to therapy on Thursday and educate my therapist about how to do this!

Every time I use the microphone typing feature, which is a lot, it capitalizes Top surgery - like that. I guess my phone just knows top surgery is *that* important to me that it must be capitalized lol

Heres a photo I took at the bus stop and then edited a bunch.

Edit: sorry to have to re-upload this I centered it better.

I just had my top surgery consultation, the surgeon is going to try to run things through insurance and get me covered, I just have to get the letter from my therapist but I will probably have to teach my therapist how to do this because she's very new at being a therapist. It probably shouldn't be too hard to get the letter because my dysphoria surrounding my chest is terrible. Anyways I'm pretty excited for the future, what if it happens soon? What if I can enjoy summer being shirtless? Wow!

so happy about all the nature lovers on this website

Wow this is interesting to me!

There was a time period in which my mental health was so bad and I was disassociated all the time I didn't have dreams, the more my mental health improves the more dreams I have, I'm so happy to be having vivid, story like dreams again, and the more I keep having dreams and keep being in good mental health the stronger my ability to lucid dream becomes!

Wow I want to write "Transgender people have always existed, Autistic people have always existed" on every surface I can get my hands on!

Just planning the bus route for my top surgery consultation on Monday has me pretty excited, I hope my cold fucks off by then.

I think I'm gonna like, find myself sexually attractive after top sergury... :thinknyan:

I'm currently reading Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg and so far its amazing!

But also socialism? Can socialism and communism be combined or are they already the similar enough? Because I think the government should take a lot of the money they're spending on war and use it for programs that help people, like conservatives complain about government handouts but I think the government should be doing handing out help left and right!

Where is the place where I can get more information about communism online? Because I feel like I really only know the tip of the iceberg but everything I've heard resonates with me so well.

A memory from school just popped into my head, I remember them telling us about the "looming threat of communism" throughout history but then when they actually explained how communism works I remember being like "Wait how is this a bad thing? I must be missing something...?"

Hornt for deep emotional connections and tummy skritches πŸ‘€

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