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I'm sick to stomach with excitement, I'm on the bus on my way to DBT and all I wanna do is cry.

Ahhhhhh! Medicaid is going to 100% cover top surgery! Now I just have to tell the top surgeon's nurse that but she kinda sucks at picking up the phone but AHHH!!! I'm crying! 😭😀

Made this bead thing today, I'm not really sure what it is but it was fun, its 5" in diameter.

I would love to start selling jewelry that I make but I have no idea what to price them at

Ah fuck, I'm watching top surgery reveal videos and crying, I want to be in that moment to bad, I know I'm gonna cry when I wake up from top surgery and it'll be so good!

with other steps towards top surgery I made I didn't really believe I was making progress, I didn't want to get myself too excited and have my hopes crash down but it's really kicking in that I'm getting close and I can feel my chest fluttering with excitement! I've been playing out the scenario in my head lately where I get the phone call telling me I can have top surgery and setting up a date and I start crying tears of joy. I'm absolutely excited, I'm so ready.

Lately I've been taking steps towards top surgery. After a couple days of playing phone tag with the top surgeon's nurse she got a hold of me today to let me know that the letter me and my therapist put together was good enough for the top surgeon and that she is requesting a prior authorization for my insurance and so the next time I hear from her it might be very exciting! fingers crossed.

I keep forgetting to post here sometimes and I think ive made more progress towards top surgery, me and my therapist finished my letter and she faxed it in, and recently WI medicaid started covering trans surgeries! I told the nurse who I've been communicating with this and she called me recently saying she got my letter and she's going to run it thru insurance, and later she left me a message saying to call her to discuss things, I haven't been able to call her at the right time but I'm excited

At my group DBT whenever there new people they do introductions, and they ask everyone to include their pronouns, it's pretty awesome! I don't feel like the odd one out saying my pronouns! This is like the same concept as everyone putting their pronouns in their profile! I love it!

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