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Typical. You spend so much time picking out a gender for your kid but come Christmas morning they just want to play with the box it came in.

I am having a great morning and I hope you have one too.

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Do labels color my _own_ perception of myself? Do I become invested in them, unable to just let myself… be?

I find myself trying to match my labels up to others’, maybe subconsciously hoping that a perfect match means I’ve found another soul that I perfectly connect with… but, in truth, they’re just labels.

They’re an introduction but can never fully explain us. They can’t, because maybe we can never fully explain ourselves—and labels are far shallower than our self-understanding can ever be.

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🎶 These boots are made for walking 🎶
🎶 And that's just what they'll do 🎶
🎶 Because I sold my car to buy these very expensive boots 🎶

Maybe the real Spider-Man was the friends we made along the way.

How many times can I listen to Carly Rae Jepsen's Party For One before the host of this meeting logs in?

@burgin @Manik
*rolls their office chair over*
*knocks on your cubicle wall*
Found this in the printer, I think it might be yours:
*rolls office chair away*

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a long time ago, the four nations lived together in harmony,

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Y'all omg! Wish @kalcobalt a happy heckin 40th birthday today!!! He is recovering from surgery like a damn CHAMP. Also he is an cute. Also I miss him bc he has to sleep downstairs in the recliner during recovery. So please reply with your favorite cuddle position kthx.

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"For just 6.99$ a month we'll automatically reject all Republicans and Conservatives for you."

Boy, capitalism and dating apps sure are an interesting combo.

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