I'd like to tell you all about the greatest joy in my bus-taking life...
✨The Good Seat✨

* There's an extra inch where the bench ends and the wall to the left starts, which means bonus seatus for your rear meatus

* There's a pole on the right hand side, which provides a physical barrier from other people's manspreading

* There's a little shelf you can set your bag on, rather than spending the whole ride giving it the death grip to keep it slipping off your legs

Oh my giblets. Okay so I got invited to see a screening of "One Cut of the Dead" as part of my theater's rewards program. Y'all... If you get a chance, watch this single take, indie zombie film. It was a gosh-dang treat.

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New proposed holiday: February 17th.
The anniversary of the 2009 Mobile World Congress announcement that all of the phone manufacturers agreed to use micro-USB as a charging standard.

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I needed some gum and picked up a random Korean one at the grocery store, thinking it was just one of those "for one, to share" containers... holy shit it was so much better.

@kalcobalt I still haven't figured out which version I'd prefer...

Played straight, with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill providing the "hmm"s, and "ahh"s and "Bruce!"s and the art from the animated series.

Or rethemed anime style, where Bruce-chan attends Gotham Academy and falls for his classmates in Professor James Gordon's homeroom.

Either way we're deffo' getting cheesecake pinups of The Scarecrow in a burlap thong.

A dating sim where you play Batman and have to woo the villains.

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Ey, y'all. Going live on twitch with some M:tG Arena like most Saturdays. I've been awake for all of seven minutes, so these are gonna be some TIGHT PLAYS.


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Honestly Unsurprising. I've suspected for a while now that Polygoneers are creatures of the fey. XD

Anyhow, the point of this story is that the staff of Polygon is a bunch of magical dream-eaters.

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