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I have this problem where I really, really enjoying making factually detailed but incredibly stupid jokes. It's not usually a problem, but sometimes you're supposed to be working and are instead researching old football games just to make a crack about Earl Morrall being carried away by a giant eagle during the 1968 Jets/Colts Superbowl and how it changed the game forever.

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Me *speaking to my mirror*: Now repeat after me, if an image is tagged as "nude" on mastodon, there will be naked people in it.

Me: Ok. If I see an image on mastodon, click it blindly and be shocked that there are boobs.

Me: No, fuck. For the twentieth time...

Oh. My. Fuck.
I've been haunted by this story I read in a compilation when I was 11, but I'd started to question whether this tale of an oceanic, sci-fi world where people switch genitals after they have penetrative sex was real or just a false memory...


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Well this fucking sucks.
My weekend was looking a bit empty so I was hoping to get a 54-year-old for a few days, but apparently you can only buy those new.

"Here is how the US department of agriculture defines a nugget..."

Well, this has been a fun YouTube k-hole to fall into.

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Okay, so I'm diving around the manufacturer's site for this CPAP machine and there is just some wonderful stuff on here that I don't think they intended. Like this surprise micro-fiction prompt from one of their FAQs:

"Will I be able to use this as a full time machine?"

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So apparently there's a 2005, made for TV version of Reefer Madness... starring Kristen Bell... and it's a musical.


It's REAL good.

(And currently free on Jeffery's website if you have a subscription.)

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*leans against a lamp post, drenched in sweat, the night still deep and dark and the air humid and dense*

Fuck, okay, almost down to a 14 minute mile. Come on man, we can do it.

*grabs a sports bottle from his belt and twists it open, squeezing a stream of ice cold gazpacho all over his face*

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