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The downside of getting a nice little cargo bike is not needing to use my granny cart. Rolling your own cart around a grocery store, especially with a loaded cup-holder, is a real nerd power move.

Stopped by the new bakery next to the office. Sweet dang those were some tasty macarons.

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🎵 I bless the gays down on mastoooodooooon 🎵

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someone here on campus is wearing a bunny kigurumi and a backpack which seems to be constructed entirely out of magenta sequins, and i wish I had even a quarter of their power

I just accidentally introduced my coworkers to mukbang when I decided to make some chicken potstickers during my daily progress report meeting.

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straight people: oh you're an hour away? sorry i'm not interested in a long distance relationship

fedi queers: i have literally travelled 8000km just to cuddle

That little voice telling you that you're not interesting is a dickhead. Your sincere toots are important, your jokes are funny and your selfies are beautiful. Fight the urge to hide away. You're worth listening to.

TODAY we're doing a Day-One stream of the new Jackbox game! If we're mutuals on Mastodon, we'd love to have you playing with us! Let me or @squirrellilly know if you wanna get in!

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@squirrellilly @AKAHayling So is today the big day? Friendsday Wednesday: Jackbox 5 - The Revengenance?

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