Caught Bella in a very rare moment of paying attention to Jordi. Normally she flees because he tried to brush her teeth like 9 months ago. Perhaps there is hope for this relationship after all! ;)

@Not_mermista omg so envious that your instance has all the cool emojos.

Thanks for the flowers. 🌹

Happy bisexual visibility day! Especially to those of us who are queer and ended up in relationships that makes us look straight (and maybe cis). Ew. Can’t imagine being anything but a genderlessyish bisexual person! :heart_bi: :heart_bi: :heart_bi:

How many moles does it take to produce a jar of molasses?

And do the moles survive the de-assing process?

Is that where we get the phrase holey moley?

Friendly neighbors! You’ll never guess which is the noisy one and which is the grumpy one. @JordiGH

@JordiGH @Not_mermista I mean, if it looks like a waffle iron and puts out as much heat as a waffle iron...

@Not_mermista just now, fully knowing what it was but just messing with me, "is that a waffle iron?"

despite @rainwarrior doing some awesome dodging at the eyeball it was up to @Not_mermista to save the day!


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streaming (gammeplay) 

We are live, 4-player micro mages, Brad and my family playing

Sunlight through this fountain in L'Aquila, Italy, makes it look like it's pouring lava.

At the request of @JordiGH , here are the cats tolerating down close proximity for ten minutes. Magical.

@Not_mermista @mwlucas This is how The Nightmare Before Christmas happened, true origin story.

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