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Someone reached out to give me a heads up that there has been public discussion of me in my absence. I haven't seen it, and I'm not going to go seeking it because that inevitably means drawing myself toward people who don't want to associate with me.

If you want to yell at me, or voice concerns, my DMs are open. If you want to block me, I hope you'll be aware that I'm here and do so affirmatively.

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I whisper into my dog's ear: "you're full of bones."

He wags his tail and licks my face. He already knows.

I whisper into my dog's ear: "you're full of bones."

He wags his tail and licks my face. He already knows.

It's Relaxing Friday! Let's break open Cozy Grove and see how cozy we can get!

I'm apparently getting my first vaccine dose on Tuesday, and I'm having a lot of feelings about it

I don't really know why I felt great on stream tonight with shitty runs while other times I feel awful on stream with shitty runs but hey, it's okay

Join me for some Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth practice, then any% no superjump attempts!

A Man in a Discord I run: *starts giving me unsolicited advice*

Me: "I'm not really looking for advice."

Said Man: *does not even acknowledge what I've said and continues giving advice*

Me: "I'm really not looking for advice.

Man: *continues to give advice*

Me: "This is a formal warning. I've asked you multiple times now not to give me advice."

Man: "I don't think I even gave any advice"

Me: :kitten_knife: :kitten_knife: :kitten_knife:

mental health (-) 

hey did you know that I'm a bad person who is not good at any things?

It's not true but that's how I feel fucking all the time!

GDQ submissions are open, so I'm going to stream tonight! I'll be starting with commentary on a re-run of my Axiom Verge 100% WR, and then doing some Messenger NG+ runs with commentary!


The worst thing about having Twitter be my streaming persona's public profile is that I can't really just post "clits are awesome" without it being a whole thing

Is the Fediverse still in it's Warring States period or do we have a shogunate now?

sex work shitposting 

"Cum inside, it's fun inside" would have been a great slogan for my bareback full service but it's already taken by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Signs you may be a foe 

If you enjoy one or more of the following:

- patrolling
- standing around
- breathing heavily
- grunting
- lying in wait

You might be a foe

Converting my Fediverse profile into a Haikyuu!! fan account

Animal Farm, the first novella in the Farm Trilogy, was followed up by its lesser known sequels Vegetable Farm, and Mineral Farm.

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