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Didnt do an post at first so. I'm a 35yr old cishet guy from Norwich in the UK, though i enjoy have a degree of femme in my clothing. I try and be a good ally, appreciate learning how to be better. Will boost selfies and like kink discussion.

A girl i spoke to at a play event a few weeks back messaged me to chat and left open the idea of meeting up once the roni lockdown clears... is this what it feels like to feel somewhat attractive?

Less than a day into working at home and i can see infinity stretching ahead of me already

Also: its the hardest goddamn thing sometimes to find a domme as a :he_him: it feels like

Kink, ranting into the void 

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Kink, ranting into the void 

was holding the leash of the cutest girl at a munch and asked if i could kiss her and she said she'd didnt want to because she'd never kissed anyone before and i hope thats by her choice because if no-one has ever wanted to kiss her before then there is no god in heaven and earth is filled with devils

i smooched a girl i've had a crush on for years tonight ahhhhhhhhhhhh

happy halloween! gonna go catch me a gardevoir (selfie, ec from my plushie eevee but not from me, boosts for spoops)

theres a woman on this bus who is beautiful. absolutely stunningly beautiful and i dont want to be the type of guy who hits on women on a busso i guess i'mma just studiously use my phone over here

my non sexual fantasy is people responding to messages

i think i know which one will win but am curious about the ratio. What is a hotter hypnosis scenario: trapped in your body while it follows orders, or waking up with no memory of what you've done? boosts welcome

walked past a shop called hypnos after picking up my new bondage harness so i guess my evening is going very masto

i get that people are under no obligation to reply to pm's, but being just flat out ignored makes me feel like shit :sad:

had a dream that ended with me snuggling with a naked e-crush and now i've been horney all day

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