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Didnt do an post at first so. I'm a 35yr old cishet guy from Norwich in the UK, though i enjoy have a degree of femme in my clothing. I try and be a good ally, appreciate learning how to be better. Will boost selfies and like kink discussion.

would love to watch a livestream of a lake empying after the dam fails

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theres still some finishing up to do, but my leg snake is now at least shaded all the way down :blobaww:

i love to discover music i didnt know of before. everyone recommend an album I should listen to. i'll try any genre

boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

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my guiltiest secret is that while i love pics of dogs. i cant stand them irl

if you've never watched it, i emplore you to watch 'terrace house: boys and girls in the city' its a lovely show

if any femmes want to send me lewds as a birthday present i would def enjoy it 💜

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