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Didnt do an post at first so. I'm a 35yr old cishet guy from Norwich in the UK, though i enjoy have a degree of femme in my clothing. I try and be a good ally, appreciate learning how to be better. Will boost selfies and like kink discussion.

if you know any knowledgavle weed bakers please tag them in, i dont buy :grass: that often and want to (a) make my browies stronk and (b) not waste anything. thank you mastopals

2 - would a glass jar - like a pasta sauce jar or a curry paste jar be suitable to put butter+weed then put into a water bath in the slow cooker?

1 - is the toasting the weed section important & how easy is it to mess up

i'm going to be making weed brownies in the next few weeks, advice i'm finding online is to (1) toast the weed a little first then (2) slow-cook in a waterbath with the butter so i can filter out the plant matter. and i have two questions

selfies no ec (boosts +++) 

ahhhhh i got babymetal tickets this is all i care about until feb now

Selfie 👸🏻 

saw a ppst about how people use fallen angels in rpgs but never ascended devils and now im thinking imma do that more often

plan for tonight: watch sgdq or talks machina while practicing some basic rope knots on my legs

at a rope social for the first time and i dont know anyone and how do you ask cute girls to bondage you this is a very specific form of hell

me + partner have agreed to try a more open relationship so i'm going to a local munch this weekend. which i've never done so i'm excited but nervous

my partner has suggested we try some kind of poly/open and i'm not against the idea & wanted to ask peeps here if they had any advice? feel free to tag good advice friends into this

i think they're probably good, just in a specifix genre that i find wholely uninteresting. everyone around me is fukken having a whale of a time tho

man this support band is great for someone with different music tastes to me :blobsad:

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