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This is from the FAQ linked on . This being said though - hoh boy that announcement was really, really not worded well and I'm not even slightly surprised that this is the impression that people are getting right now.

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Hey-don't @ me because I don't want to fight to defend my employer, I don't care that much. But I figured I'd at least mention some info on the latest CentOS announcement people seem to have missed:

Q5: Does this mean that CentOS Stream is the RHEL BETA test platform now?

A: No. CentOS Stream will be getting fixes and features ahead of RHEL. Generally speaking, we expect CentOS Stream to have fewer bugs and more runtime features than RHEL until those packages make it into the RHEL release.

Hi, if you live in Massachusetts there is currently /actual/ police reform that passed both state senate and house, and is now on Charlie Baker's desk. I made a PDF with info and contact instructions and I ask (beg, even) y'all to share and contact Charlie so this can go through.

Anyway, you get what you want by asking for what you want. Not asking for less for what you want.
It's literally that simple.


These folks literally think their way of thinking is superior because unlike leftists, they quite literally look down on critically thinking about our own political strategies and taking pride in treating everything that comes out of the DNC's mouth as fact. As if politicians win their seats because they are experienced, and thus know more about their jobs then we do.
like, I'm not even convinced these people understand the actual point of us voting in representatives

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Like, if you are passing legislation but nothing is getting fixed by that legislation, there is not much of a difference between that and not passing legislation at all. on top of the fact all of this logic looks at our political system as if it is literally impossible to gain a majority over conservatives, ever, and that they will always exist and cause us problems. Like, just completely skipping the part of "we have trouble gaining majorities because current strategy is not effective"

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If you have to come up with so many conservative compromises for any piece of legislation you come up with in order for it to have a chance of passing, have you ever considered you've made it so that there is literally no point to the legislation being passed now? Like, how do these people not understand "compromise" typically means watering down a piece of legislation until it achieves almost none of it's original goals and thus, serves almost no actual purpose

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Something that really bugs me about liberals is how they approach every single political discussion under the optics that the only reason someone might not agree with them is because they think said person just does not have an understanding of how the US political system works. Their "enlightened" understanding of the US political system is that change is impossible and that bending over backwards to pass useless bills is somehow better then working to pass a bill that does something

@Lyude 1920s traditional female? No thanks, I'll go with 2050s cyber future female deluxe dog thanks

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All trans folks are a TREASURE
TERFs are just jealous their genders are BORING and STALE and smell like THE 1920s

Something I don't get: folks who spam IRC channels like the mesonbuild IRC channel. Like, what is the motivation? To keep autotools around so everyone's life remains miserable???

Starting to realize work may have seriously burnt me out :|. Third day in a row I haven't been able to focus, and I know taking more time off is not going to help because:

1 - covid
2 - having to take my vacation early because my work puts way too much shit on my plate is not going to do anything to make me feel like shit is getting better

I love how my employer has proudly sent me an email telling me about the cancer note cards they are now selling to us in their store, of which the proceeds go to cancer.
You, very clearly could have just made a donation but just decided it was better to use your employee's wallets instead while taking the credit for their donations

Further scrutinizing you need to also do: a news article isn't actually always a source if it's referring to a statistical source or research paper. The source are the actual statistics/research paper, and you need to read that to make sure that the article on hand actually correlates with the information in the paper. Like, I've literally found CNN articles I could disprove with the exact same sources that they supposedly used to prove their point.

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Any information that doesn't either come from someone who is qualified to speak about the topic on hand, or from someone with appropriate sources to back up said information, is not information. That's it, that's the whole thing. Doesn't matter who told you it, someone does not need to be untrustworthy to accidentally give you false information. Literally anyone can. I can! I have before by accident! I've been wrong many times! Don't JUST trust me!!

Apparently just confirmed w/ Google support that Google Pay is removing the ability to send or receive funds through Web browser, so that they can introduce a new app with the same name on android and ios.

How, do you, why. literally why. Like, are you going to start doing this with all of your services now Google? When literally every single competitor supports this? Every, single, one?

At least customer support said they'd put my feedback through (likely to a shredder)

Dreamt I was back in Malmö, the houses were so pretty to look at

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