if you program in C all the time (freedesktop and gnome folks I'm looking at you!!!) and you haven't tried rust yet:
listen my friend. go do it like right now or soon because I cannot emphasize just how absolutely wonderful developing in rust has been for someone like me who has programmed mostly C in the last 6+ years. it is honestly like C but if it were almost perfect, and it's really wild just having entire classes of bugs that almost entirely do not exist


Like everyone talks about memory management in rust and while yes I agree it is super beautiful and I love it, I'll point out for all the C folks who are like "I have tools to help me with this already" that it's so much more then just that. Rust's async support for instance will for the most part actually tell you /during compile-time/ whether the code you wrote is actually safe for async or not. You don't forget to grab mutexes, because your code doesn't compile if you do.

Rust's macro system is just nuts as well. Repetition is super powerful, the syntax for using macros is crazy flexible and let's you get really expressive. Traits are awesome too, because it actually gets you the good parts of OOP without doing OOP which is great because honestly OOP kind of blows sometimes. And enums just rule, it's like if unions in C were useful all the time instead of only being useful for bitmasks

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