It's wild watching a business unit in a company get told "this is a bad idea", proceed to do the bad idea and then get confused when things go wrong and proceed to make exactly the same mistake by ignoring their engineers the next time they ask them for advice


Like the basic lack of understanding I see for concepts that should be insanely simple, such as "you need to spend money to make money" is just not there. I don't see literally any understanding of any of the technologies this business unit handles, all I see are people making guesses based on marketing data and pretending that you don't actually need to understand your product to sell it.
it's awful, and hilarious, and I hate it!

@Lyude those things are taken as opinions, and weighed as if you have enough clout with them to actually take the time to do it

you're not their superior, so they'll not take every thing out of your mouth as an order

thats a difference between engineers and non-engineers imo, engineers have an "alternate mode" where they argue about constructively building up a common understanding with logic, and also exchanging opinions, the line is blurry, but there are clear opinions and facts still

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