I see people complain about Linux foss bros constantly while I literally work in the community and cannot actually remember the last time I saw someone act stuck up about Linux being the future
the dynamic seems skewed here


...also if shit works on other distros and not ubuntu
maybe pay attention to the fact that canonical has been choosing not to engage with the rest of the Linux community for years and that the mass majority of ubuntu specific problems come from the fact they can't keep themselves up to date, even as a company with actual resources, and repeatedly insist on making their own forks of libraries left and right that cause issues outside of ubuntu for no legitimate reason

sorry we can't play cleanup for what is literally a shitty distro that we've been trying to push out of the spotlight for ages for this exact reason

tldr, lgbt activism within the FOSS community, exclusion 

@Lyude I can get behind all of this (she says, still running ubuntu on all her machines... Migrating servers to a new OS stack is haaarrrrdddd)

That being said, i think a lot of the complaing about "FOSSbros" lately has been surrounding cultures of exclusion within the open source community. Literally yesterday i had to blocka foosbro because he was trying to tell me non-binary people arent valid because they "make code complex."

As a queer/trans neurodivergent and white passing person, I have felt the exclusion regularly (I actually instance jumped from fosstodon because of this). Ive put out like 40 patches this year trying to enable systems and docs to be more inclusive of ND, LGBTQ, and BIPOC people. 5% have been accepted, and somewhere between 30-40% end up with the repo maintainer harassing me for the contributions and my queerness. Most of the time, were talking 2 or 3 line changes that get rejected for "complexity" or otherwise explicitly for being to gay/womanly.

Canonical might be evil, but they have worked hard to try to shift this culture. They arent alone, but i cant take that away from them either.

tldr, lgbt activism within FOSS, sorry for queersplaining 

@Lyude I mean. You are probably more than aware of the struggles that peoples of minorities face. Maybe shoulda looked at your profile before i responded as if i was speaking to a cis audience?

Whoops, sorry to preach to the choir! Not going to nuke it tho, there are good things said in it.

tldr, lgbt activism within FOSS, sorry for queersplaining 

@eclectic haha it's ok! Yeah I'm definitely aware of the issues we've got :), I'm very lucky to work in one of the far more progressive pockets of the community, but we have a lot of work to do elsewhere in regards to outreach and actually like, having a CoC in communities like the main kernel community (their sad excuse for a CoC team does not really count)

tldr, lgbt activism within FOSS, sorry for queersplaining 

@Lyude very jealous of that! Im just out here submitting patches to software that i can demand better of xD.

As we in the organizer community talk about, outreach and education are not so easy to do! Theres a lot of emotional labour and thankless work in that field, and finding people willing to do the work is hard. Maybe i should find a soapbox to preach from for this. I am totally here for doing the work.

CoC (assuming chain of command) is definitely key. I mean, your example of the kernel is perfect. I doubt wed have such a bloated kernel if there was a better CoC...

This is a bit off topic, but got any recomendations for an org I can volunteer my time with for minority outreach/education?

tldr, lgbt activism within FOSS, sorry for queersplaining 

@eclectic re: that last paragraph, outreachy is always looking for new projects! outreachy.org/

@Lyude and then there's all the websites and products that use Ubuntu as a synonym for literally all of linux
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