I fucking HATE Jira. It's so fucking bad. It's so god damn shitty. Jesus fucking christ.

From now on I'm setting a timer for every time I have to fucking use Jira, because I'm so sick of this shit and I want to be able to show my employer "hey I wasted fucking hours on this stupid piece of software, how the fuck is that fucking productive"

@Lyude We've never used Jira ourselves but I'm slightly amazed that we've heard literally /nothing/ but horrible things about it!

@Lyude the (only?) thing you need to know about Jira is that they use a whiteboard and post-it’s to track jira development sprints


just try to change something ...
their abstractions for web forms are totally non-intuitive to me

i think if someone takes the time to learn their abstraction concept, you can do all kinds of cool stuff

but i have never had that type of time

so yeah, jira sucks

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