A gentle tip for filing bugs: if someone asks you for a log, don't trim it. Really. Even if you see red lines or something that looks like an error to you, just include the whole log from start to finish. The only person who knows what is actually an error in your logs is the person fixing your bug, and they'll have to ask you to repost your logs if you trim them down.

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Really-I'm more then happy to go through a 50,000 line log, that's what grep is for.

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@Lyude Also please don't take a screenshot of it or a dump into a very ephemeral paste service.
@lanodan @Lyude I usually do not include full logs. Mostly because those usually include shit that nobody else should really see. If you can reproduce the issue even less reason to do so.
@mizuki @Lyude If I can reproduce the issue I don't have to ask for logs.
And redacting or omitting some sensitive lines is fine but I've often seen folks get a backtrace and pick anything but the backtrace and related message for their report.

Also fuck distros with no debug symbols.
@lanodan @Lyude well sure it's not really useful then. I just know that some people take "full log" shit too seriously and either post sensitive information or include logs that span across long periods of time.

@Lyude Also please don't take a blurry mobile phone picture of the screen containing part of the error and upload it.

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