USB-C is one of the worst things that ever happened to computers.

@tom the power source/sink negotiation is a clever idea right up until it encounters reality

although I'd think with a phone and a computer it shouldn't be *that* hard for them to know to negotiate it the expected way around, so it's still ridiculous that this can occur

@jess @tom I mean it's not that hard to pop up a thing saying "hey you wanna charge this thing or not?", my Android phone does it

@noiob @jess sorry but there is no way in hell i would EVER want my camera to charge ANYTHING. It's ridiculous that it's even a thing that can physically happen.

@tom @someonetellmetosleep @noiob @jess this might also have something to do with the fact the switch is notorious for having non-compliant USB-C ports and might just be ignoring the PD messages and deciding to pull power from the camera anyway?


@tom @Lyude @someonetellmetosleep @noiob @jess pfpt I thought I saw the word switch here but I must have misread something

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