I have to be honest, if there's ever a company that's made me question whether or not it's worth it to work on open source graphics, it's nvidia. It's genuinely depressing how like, 90+% of the issues that are reported to me about linux have to do with nvidia, how many people I see go away from distributions to other ones just because they pre-install the nvidia driver (something that a lot of distributions can't really do, and _really_ don't want to do for good reason). It's bad.

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They seriously, truly, do not give two shits about how many users, companies, etc. they turn away from linux on the desktop because we won't do things their way 100% of the time. Want wayland support? It's nvidia's way or the highway. How about the basic firmware that lets you reclock a new GPU, and control the fan? Sure, we'll promise you that then never give you it. And we'll do this for so long that any hopes of having an open source driver our hw that performs even moderately well just die

But they still come to the conventions. They still play sponsor. They still try to start discussions in our community, and we engage with them. They know they can fuck around with projects like nouveau for as long as they want and still reap benefits from the open source community just like they're actual contributors, because no one wants to have to tell their users that we didn't want to try working with nvidia because we didn't think it was fair.
This is seriously toxic.

If the industry ever regresses and companies give up on trying to open source their graphics drivers, we know who to blame.

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