Hello lovelies,
Take a moment.
Breathe deep, relax a little. Remember to hydrate, take your meds, eat a little something and stretch.
Most all, appreciate even if for just a moment how amazing you are

Forever forward,
:trans_heart: :nd: :heart_pride:

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@Lily_Cayne don't kill me, but I miggggghhhht have not slept in over 17 hours-


Been there, done that. All through my twenties and into my early thirties I would be sure to stay awake at least once a week for over thirty hours. I thought I needed to pack as much into life as possible.

Of course, there is insomnia and several reasons one might end up not sleeping.

I hope you can get some rest.

FYI, I would never shame anyone for their choices. I just want people to be happy and healthy sentient beings.

:trans_heart: :nd: :heart_pride:

@Lily_Cayne I just naturally resist sleep, I don't just have insomnia, it's literally to where my body will last days without sleep and won't feel a thing until around the 4th day where most people would feel after at least one all-nighter.

@acefrancais Enjoy your youth (I know, I know, adults say this kind of corny stuff all the time).

@Lily_Cayne this isn't youth this is a health problem lol, feel old enough to have lived 4 lifetimes already, time doesn't fly when ur disabled, lol.

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