if i wanna read a good noir narrator, but not racist, sexist, etc, where do i go

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Disco Elysium would exactly scratch that itch except it's not a story, it's a video game. the second-person viewpoint would still work i think, it's got the right kind of mournfulness, hopeless bitterness to it

i should go back to it just to do the narration myself sometime

i did end up reading the maltese falcon once. it was cool to see kinda the origins of noir as a genre, and some of the plot twists were awesome, but hoo boy is it racist and homophobic in some parts

@LilyVers Does it reflect in the movie? It's been a long time since I watched it, but I remember liking it.

@loke I haven't seen the movie, so I couldn't tell you, sadly.

@LilyVers I honestly wish I knew, Noir has the potential to be an amazing modern genre

@LilyVers "Finch" (2009) is a good sci-fi fungal noir story.

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