Lilies Only Thread. If you are a Lily, please respond to this thread. (Other spellings invited too! Non-Lilies can boost!)

Please answer any or all of the following!

-Did you choose to be named Lily?
-What do you think about being named Lily?
-Do you like lilies (the flower)?
-Do you think you could beat the other Lilies in a knock-down brawl?
-What about a series of duels?
-What's your favourite colour?
-Do you have any tattoos?
-What weapon are you bringing to the duel tournament?


My answers:
-It's a wonderful name, the best one for me
-Yes, they're so bright! And I have a tattoo of them!
-I think I'd have a fighting chance in a brawl, I can improvise
-I'm going to out-duel every Lily as a matter of honour, but it'll be a gritty series of underdog-style combats where I barely squeak through
-My favourite colour is green
-Two tattoos, my lilies and my materia!
-I will bring a long, elegant sword, gently curved and hungering for blood

-They're nice, I am bad at keeping plants alive though.
-Absolutely not!
-Again no, but I promise to absolutely ham it up like it's Revolutionary Girl Utena
-Sabre, the coolest kind of sword

@lilly thank you, Lilly, I'm glad to have learned something about you and I will be a gracious victor against you. I have a great respect for those willing to commit to the drama


yes c:
i like the name! it feels right
they're pretty nice, no strong feelings though
probably not, im /very/ weak
even less likely
chaos emeralds

@cozychao thanks for answering, and good favourite colour! I'll be careful to defeat you gently

@LilyVers answering on behalf of my 3-year-old:
- no
- good
- yes
- what kind of question is this, she is a CHILD
- previous answer notwithstanding, she is very stubborn so maybe
- magenta
- yes, a constantly rotating selection of temporary ones. also decorative band-aids
- whatever toy is closest to hand and throwable. probably a magnatile

@tedric please do not worry about your 3-year-old, she will be fine, it is a non-lethal battle
(she sounds lovely!! 💚 )

@tedric @LilyVers

inspired by this i asked my 4 year old all these questions and here were their answers

- yes
- it's good
- yeah
- yeah
- yeah
- pink
- no
- i don't have anything. i don't fight.

they were extremely confident they would win the fight and very disappointed sounding when they said they didn't have anything to fight with. but also they hate fighting with other kids so "i don't fight" is a pretty accurate description of their personality

@nova @tedric oh my god okay

-glad they chose the name Lily, what a great name
-pink is a very good colour
-can you please tell them they can fight with anything they can imagine, and it'll be the kind of friendly fight where we all high five afterwards also, because I wanna hear the results

@LilyVers @tedric okay i explained that to them and they said they still wouldn't use anything, they would just get the other kids to play with them instead. soft power

@nova @tedric extreme power move. I would like to send a high five through the internet for that revolutionary answer do i count as a former lilly 🤔
- was chosen by a friend
- cool
- meh
- no
- maybe
- red
- accidentally stabbed myself with a pen once
- a gun

@LilyVers do I count if I'm only using the name Lilly on here to protect my offline identify? :D


@nightsky_system Please answer the following question: "Is your name Lily (or any alternate spelling thereof)?"

There is room for complexity, but whatever you feel the true answer is should guide you.

@LilyVers considering that I'm always excited about seeing others called Lilly or a variation thereof (and I'd probably make it my middle name or something, if I was to choose a name again) I'm gonna go with "yes, my name is Lilly (at least sometimes)" ^^

- I did choose the name Lilly myself, yes :)
- I like this name a lot. My other (offline) name is great, too, but this is a close second place, I think.
- lilies (the flowers) are kinda cool, because of their name. I don't feel a deep connection to them tho.
- probably some. Almost certainly not all of them tho.
- duels might improve my chances, depending on the choice of weapons :D still unlikely tho.
- purple is the best color! 💜
- no tattoos - yet.
- I'd bring my longsword. Sword fights in dresses are just heckin cool :D


@LilyVers one of us, me!, is named Lily, so yay, I can answer :)

- No, my syster/sysmate Lilac chose it for me, because of the lily-white heart I use to sign my posts
- I love being named Lily
- Yes
- Not all, I don't think so, but some maybe
- I could probably win some duels, yep
- Violet
- No
- Bow and arrows (with larp-tips) for distance and some tickle-feathers for close range duels


- I sure did! After the flower, in fact!
- I love it! It was always the name that called to me!
- I love them! Their meanings are important to me, and they're actually my favorite flower!
- I wouldn't want to hurt everyone, but if it must be done, I do have martial arts experience despite being so small...
- Oh I'll win some duels, bet
- Green!! Especially leafy shades and gem tones!
- I want some!! Money...
- I'm bringing a spear and grenade launcher, as is my right!

@Bugaboo Wonderful! I have to congratulate you on your floral choice of name, and on your favourite colour. You seem like a worthy opponent, and I'm definitely not nervous about your grenade launcher

@LilyVers don't worry, I can miss on purpose and accept a surrender :lilliasmug:

@LilyVers funny thing: I actually do own a spear and have martial arts experience, that wasn't at all a bluff. It was an impulse buy long ago for the aesthetic lol

@LilyVers mmhmm. That being said, I will never hurt a fellow Lily without needing to. Every flower in the garden has their place and charm! And I'm the nurturing sort anyways, unless someone deserves otherwise :lilliayaya:


- Yeps
- Would've been honored
- Yeps
- Nah not anymore
- What kind of duels?
- Greens
- Yeps
- My spear, why not

@LilyVers are rpg characters allowed to reply? If so, this is on behalf of my sorceress.

- yes
- this name has a special meaning to her
- yes, actually she chose her name after the flower
- no, unless magic is allowed
- what about a beauty contest instead?
- red
- no, but a spell she cast in her thirst for revenge made the left part of her body wither (she's a Lily so she's cute anyway, her right half is cute enough for two halves)
- no weapons, only her spells

- Kinda! It came to me in a dream. It didn’t stick as my first name but I kept it as my middle name.
- It ties me to a ton of other Lillians and Lily, real and fictional, family and famous, who have shown me I can be fragile but powerful. It’s intensely important to me.
- They’re lovely!
- No, but not for lack of trying.
- Definitely gonna try and lose.
- Red!!!!!!!!!
- I want some, but they need to be Important.
- A bō.

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