Attention Artists!

If you draw women who:
-Are built real strong (cannot be knocked over with a pail of water, that's for sure)
-Have an unimpressive rack (unless you count the muscle)

-You are a better artist than anime
-We all owe you a great debt
-Can I see them

@LilyVers Noi super hot and could crush anyone with her thighs. or arms. or literally any part of her

@LilyVers i did include an impressive rack just for intimidation's sake but yeah, i do that

@extinct i have paid you for art multiple times because your art is very good, and this just proves that you are better than anime

@LilyVers i'm always so profoundly disappointed when all the kickass girls in anime are scrawny waifish beanpoles with balloons velcroed to their ribcages

@LilyVers even like jrpgs like in ffvii tifa is supposed to be a highly trained martial artist and brawler and she looks like she's never lifted a finger a day in her life

@extinct i have seen art of Beefcake Tifa, and also Beefcake Brigitte (from Overwatch), both characters who are supposed to be physically very strong and have the wasp waist thing going on anyway. build your CORE PLEASE

@LilyVers but like why do we have to have fan-made corrections of what should be the canon designs?

devs, do better

anime and manga artists, do better

@LilyVers also have you seen the amazon from dragon's crown?

it's a vanillaware game so while the design is very horny, EVERYONE'S design in the game is horny, regardless of gender expression, so it balances itself out

@extinct see, I *have* seen her, but like, everyone draws her with such tity, and that's a substantial amount of tity

I do have to admit though, in this official art, the Chun-Li-but-more thighs and ripped core take precedence

wish she didn't still go in at the waist though

i dunno, maybe it's because i dont have enough familiarity with the game, but i'm Conflicted here

maybe something about just the exaggeratedness of the whole thing makes it feel more sexless and ridiculous to me too

@LilyVers that's basically the vibe i had playing the game -- and i've played a lot of it, it's one of my fave beat-em-ups

everyone's so outrageous that it becomes entirely divorced from being sexual and is just... normal

like, look at this dude

like that's not even horny anymore it's just like yeah that's a guy who is a triangle of meat

@extinct i'm very not sure how to feel about this art style XD but maybe i'll try it out sometime? i actually am pretty sure i saw you playing it on stream one time

@LilyVers haha yeah i streamed it once or twice

personally, i love the really fantastical yet still elegant painterly style of vanillaware games, but they do get ridic sometimes and i can see how it might not be everyone's taste

their games are still hella fun tho

@extinct @LilyVers *slides this image into my pocket* hmmmm yes thank you very much

@extinct meanwhile this woman carries around a giant club solely with her muscles every day, and i'm all dizzily asking her how she gets her hair so nice

@LilyVers the arm muscles are actually almost exclusively from having to have her arms up to do her hair every day

@extinct i bet we'd have a very animated conversation about how hair ties never last

@LilyVers I already posted this one a while ago but there are few things I enjoy more than drawing hot, strong lesbians

@Sasukecoochieha i am sweating. i am hanging around her at the party hoping that there's an opportunity to introduce myself. i am checking to make sure my lipstick is symmetrical because i hope she says "I like your lipstick". holy SHIT

@Sasukecoochieha @LilyVers she looks like someone i'd love to hang out with, but would never find the bravery to even approach

@devurandom @LilyVers i promise she’s a massive dweeb and is also a huge extrovert who would approach you first. She’s like a puppy

@LilyVers if you want me to just systematically collect and find all of the pictures I've drawn (that I still have) of women with big muscles and/or unimpressive racks to then send them to you, I will take that challenge

@Sorl so i'm very pleased that you have done this art, and I AM tempted, but for the purposes of right now and I'm sleepy, can I get just a single example. just a taste

@Sorl i like her crystals! the head-to-body proportions are throwing me off a bit, and her builtness is more subtle in this one, but I appreciate a woman with teal lipstick and magic powers

@LilyVers Since this got boosted I want to clarify I was offering this to Lily, not the general public

@LilyVers Noi from the dorohedoro manga/anime is 209cm (6'10") and quite muscular (and violent, it's a pretty dark fantasy manga) ~

@meganeko you're not the first person to bring her up! i've seen a few pics!

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