Country toad
Take me home
To your place
In a pond
Wet and boggy
Warm and foggy
Take me home
Swamp biome

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my partner really liked this and she was having a bad day so I'm vindicated

@LilyVers I hear him croak in the evening hours he calls me

@GwenfarsGarden @LilyVers Pheromone reminds me of my home over there
Hopping down the mud I had a feeling that I should’ve been home yesterday

@LilyVers do the bridge!

I hear your croak,
In the morning air it calls me…

me singing this toot, i'm shy about singing please be nice 

@LilyVers you're welcome 😅

me singing this toot, i'm shy about singing please be nice 

This is amazing!! I hear the commitment to the song and love it. Also I sang it as soon as I read it so was happy to hear another voice doing so.

@LilyVers Almost webbin’
Wet marsh inlet
Crude bog waters
Shouting out our ribbits

Laying eggs there, near a brownish muddy stream

Young will pop out paddling, with a tail instead of knees


sometimes i fell like that too... this is an italian song i like and that seems to me to be in topic, maybe you know italian language, or maybe you can translate it with some automatic tool, or, if you are really interested, i can translate it for you

rospo - quintorigo - #MastoRadio -


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