@witchfynder_finder @LilyVers and lily's in canada, i was doing cider house rules, god just let me have my bits

@witchfynder_finder @triz because I'm going to bed, can we please focus on what we should be talking about, which is me. I mean triz, goodnight triz

@triz @witchfynder_finder you're posting too fast for me triz, you have to let me catch up now and again. Walk a little slower, for I must follow you

@triz @witchfynder_finder ok you're definitely making fun of my phone typo and, first of all, i can and will call you troz as a bit, so don't tempt me nerd

@triz @witchfynder_finder if we ever meet there will be like a solid four loud hours spent slamming each other into lockers. There will be a chase sequence that gets comically reversed at one point as we run impossibly out of different lockers than we entered. Adorably, we both bring the Benny Hill theme on our music playback device of choice

@triz @witchfynder_finder is this just alliteration or is it another cultural reference I don't get

@triz @witchfynder_finder well i do know that much. Anyway is my Freudian slip that I'm Pinky the mouse. Zort narf troz

@triz @witchfynder_finder ok goodnight triz and also coriander, yw for being tagged in all this

@LilyVers @witchfynder_finder basically ramona flowers but in her 30s so, with intermittent joint problems

@triz @witchfynder_finder i love a lady with intermittent joints. That occasional Rayman look is very hot rn

@LilyVers @witchfynder_finder now put the bright rectangle down, close your eyes, and count backwards from zed

@triz @witchfynder_finder if you count backwards from Triz, it takes 9 numbers before you get to 0, the tenth. This is because Triz is a solid 10

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