Hey, remember that "I want a girl" Cake thread?

I did.

(Me many times over a karaoke track)

@Yana thank u, please peruse some other more serious selections at or, listen to that again to hear how gay I am

@LilyVers *screaming* LIILLLLYYYYY 💓 💓 💓 let it never be said you do anything by half measures

@vyr let my name be called throughout the land as a thing doer!!

@er1n I'm thrilled, bc I think this is because it is so very gay

@er1n It was an achievable and fun creative project, and I haven't made a finished musical project in... possibly years, and then I had coffee and got energy

@LilyVers oh just where the fuck did you come up with these lyrics from its amazing

its like a gay combo of TMBG, Cake, and Talking Heads

@er1n i listened to TMBG, Cake, and Talking Heads, and then everything worked together in here (points to own head)

@LilyVers do you happen to know where i could find said thread? i'm regretting not bookmarking it

@LilyVers holy shit this is amazing, I loved it in thread form but it's infinitely more magnificent as an actual finished song

@robotcarsley there's enough leftover thread for a full other version too

@LilyVers im shaking and screaming w joy and im gonna show this to my mom if thats ok

@LilyVers she is. she really is and would enjoy this so much. she loves the good people of mastodon

@roadkillcobra yeah of it wasn't already clear show this to whoever you want!

@monorail I hope that's a good aaa??? I'm sorry if it isn't I just tried to transcribe

@LilyVers I thank you again for you continuing and incredible hard work. Goodness.

@LilyVers I've listened to this four times in a row and each time I just smiled more

@Webster this is a SUPER huge, super sweet compliment, thank you~

@EmilyIsRad no lie? I keep listening to it myself bc I'm so satisfied with my own work XD

@LilyVers no lie. I'm doing chef's fingers in my apartment right now.

@EmilyIsRad >:D the fun part is, I could do this again tmrw with all the lyrics I have left. choose your own adventure

but I liked these lyrics a lot, so, first and possibly only version

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