@Lesgetthislobotomy alt text is a white iced cake with purple flowers and writing that says “you’re going to regret allowing me to add memes to annotations for this class”

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My feminist theory class allows memes. We will be analyzing WAP.

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please stop doing hot girl shit and reply to me please

This is niche but anyone with adhd and dyslexia have advice or tips for learning a language? I have to take one this semester and i am scared!!

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Alt text: 4 people laying on yoga mats with a thought bubble over their heads thinking “whoever took an egg beater to my uterus deserves to be punished.” With the above caption “me and my best friends who live across the country who still manage to have our cycles synced.”

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@Lesgetthislobotomy sorry I forgot to do alt text a picture of a very happy spongebob infront of a sunset with text that says “when the sun is setting on zuck’s reign of terror and you find a platform that is community based, ad free, and fun!

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Zuck’s nuts roasting on an open fire

Hi everyone, my name is shan! I'm a fat white lesbian who makes poorly edited memes before on Instagram and now here 😩 🙌

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