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Scat porn should be changed to PooPoo Pornography

mastodon culture is tooting while drunk and being like 'oh shit did i forget to content warn something that could trigger someone"

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mastodon culture is being like 'who tf is this person' after they change their icon

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mastodon culture is scrolling 5 pages down to get to a person's actual toots because they have so many pinned ones

i literally stopped burying raider's corpses because the dogs liked to eat them. and gerald just steals the prisoner's food.

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hey guys im back, gonna start using this again lol

uhh playing rimworld, trying to recruit this prisoner simply for the fact hes gay, this fucking dog ate his only food and walked away. the man is starving. theres food in the fridge. why dog? why? GERALD.

where all these followers from ive been busy thotting somewhere else and i come back to 200 followers

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just to be clear we're all bottoms here on masto, yeah?

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CWs are so fun, not knowing what's behind them fills me with antici 


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imagine if you got a sniper elite style bullet cam whenever you busted a nut.

political meme (Toilet paper usa) 

libtards officially owned

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An ICE agent asked me to take down my post calling him out with his face, name, and location, I made a new post for him :)

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