A crusader kings 3 mod to let you adopt pet cats at will, as many as you want. Being a duchess and not being able to have fifty cats is just immersion-breaking and implausible

the thing most people miss about 4chan is that making you mad is a part of the culture. like, everything, top to bottom, in the culture built up over the years is based around intentionally needling you with every word you see and every meme you consume. it's about making you mad just to be there. every single post on that website is wallowing in intentional annoyance and hatred. this isn't even built into the website, the people that go there are just repeating the patterns and aesthetics of people that did the same, and the people that did the same before them, and so on

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Like, he's basically disconnected from his species story-wise, his motives are all tied to the familiar galactic power players, and when he retires from his duties, he goes to an isolated planet to chill in a swamp for 50 years, you know? There's only so much you can say about him at this point before we're just dragging out a sad puppet to dance for us over and over again as its seams come undone with age

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I love yoda as much as the next fan lol but I think "could it easily feature Yoda?" isn't a bad dividing line between content I want to see and content that's probably more fan service than story at this point :p

The Pope: It's time for holy war 3 revenge of the catholics, gonna take your island lol

Me, queen of Ireland with ten thousand crossbowmen and a lot of archer buffs: haha cool, valid Agincourt larp

holy shit spoiler alert but it takes 4 songs before suddenly some modern distortion is used super briefly and it's like finding out you were edging without realizing it

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Oh hey who's this? They have a creative username and they said a witty thing I should follo- wait nvm it's actually @esvrld and xe renamed xemself again

- me, constantly

there are exactly three kinds of cishets:
— the kind that spends 90% of their time sending 👀 emojis to instagram models, then scampering to delete when they realise their partner can see it
— the kind that spends 90% of their time posting slurs to discord
— the kind that spends 90% of their time wondering if email could be used to commit adultery

Imagine if we unfucked "art collecting", culturally. Imagine everyone would have a little collection of pieces by friends and family and artists they adore or connected with in their house instead of what "art collecting" means under capitalism. Wouldn't that be beautiful

tumblr-man, tumblr-man
does whatever a tumblr can
spanish dubs of canon ships
no female-presenting nips
look out, here comes the tumblr-man!

i consider myself something of a 'straight ally' (shows certificate confirming 1000 hours logged in pornhub in various fetish categories)

Dark Souls 3 pyro vendor: "If only I were a woman" *chuckles ruefully*

Me: ... okay so I have some news™ for you my frienderino

just saw a video where a "Tip guy" explains to people how to pay people to wait in line for you for Covid tests

ready to launch the predator missile at this guy's address

the notion that "prisons must not be operated for profit" presumes that state-run prisons are A-Ok

this is not the case.

Things that must never be operated:
- prisons and jails


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