Is it hard motivating yourself to go out when you're 28? Yes. It's it hard to motivate your gf to go out when she's 29? Even more so.
When did we get so boring?!?

The real villain redemption arc is going from "don't associate with them, they're a trainwreck" to "this is my favorite trainwreck and I will violently protect them so they're never tempted to resort to violence again"

Unconventional begpost 

Put your wallets away, direct donations are appreciated but not required. Rather, I want more people to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I have a full time job, a disabled partner to care for and an apartment we can barely afford. I need my (adult) content to gain some more traction. I'm tired of scraping by, I want to feel secure for once. So boost this, help a burned out swer feel loved, eh?

Nothing in life makes you more productive than a big task that you don't want to do.


does anyone know who this twinky boy is in my room???

Im sweating like a queer person in a church... maybe some cruel priest secretely consecrated my house?!

I've been looking for a job and I can't afford to pay my phone bill or get medication. If I don't pay it by today, my phone gets shut off.

the two hottest things a girl can know is radicalizing workers towards unions and tying ropes

swimclothes, ass 

Some *content* for a certain steppy, do you like my swimslip?


I wonder how much cum I could drink before I got bored?


Am at a naturist lake today.
Naturism isn't naughty in itself, it's just about the humble question how on earth we came up with the idea to put on clothes, when we go for example swimming.
However... some people find nudity cool and sexy and that's totally valid too :)

Be it as it may, here's me, naked by the lake :)

If you found me like this by the lake, would you make a move? How would you ask for consent? 🤭😏

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