my amazon recommendations are 3 different books by jordan peterson, a cannibal exploitation film from the 70s, and both dvd and blueray copies of a serbian film. i don't know what i bought to suggest any of these would be things i might buy. except maybe the cannibal movie.

selfie, suggestive 

or i can slip into something more casual i guess

selfie, aliens, masks 

yes, this is the only outfit that i wear now :rainblob:

u ever live in mess and squalor just to flex on jordan peterson, and also because you have depression


uggggh i was on tinder and saw a different gender doppleganger of someone i really wanted to bone for 4 years, and guess what i really want to bone this new person too. and i will probably do the same thing where i think they're too cool so i do nothing. this is why bisexuality is highly overrated smh

Grad school applications are nerve wracking because i have to like pitch myself and seem like i have an actual plan for research, when in reality i have no idea what the fuck i'm doing, or if i'm going to drop out midway through to join a commune instead

aliens, lewd 

exactly what it says on the tin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

transphobia, USpol 

defining gender as equivalent to birth sex would have horrible material effects on trans people, but also fuck the state. we are who we are regardless of who recognizes us. get the government off my fucking gender. :trans_comm:

should my spooky trivia team tonight be called Gay-tanic Panic
a) yes
b) definitely
c) i am awed by your delightful pun

is queer culture having someone unmatch u on tinder bc u admitted to having once gone to a DSA meeting instead of spending that time guillotining your boss or whatever

my brother: so you know how male sports fans are like--

me, A Gay: let me stop you right there

cissexism, gender binary 

cis bisexuals: *endless jokes about bi's being half gay and half straight*

me, a trans, who cannot even fathom what 'same gender' and 'opposite gender' even are relative to me: ...........ha? 😠

come to tinder, we've got unicorn hunters, cat fishing, gays who are scared to message first...

👏 texas 👏 chainsaw 👏 massacre 👏 2 👏 is 👏 the 👏 best 👏 installment 👏 in 👏 the 👏 series 👏

please give feedback on my dating strategy:

first date: go to an over priced bar, go back to my place, get it on to flavor of love, the dating show where flavor flav arbitrarily eliminates some number of women from his dating pool and wears a lot of very large clocks around his neck

second date: midnight showing of the room where we hook up in the dirty theater bathroom

third date: talk in depth about childhood trauma

concept for bad art about social media: "ceci n'est pas une pipe" but "this is not carefully curated self-promotion" on an instagram post of a latte or something idk

lmfao one of my new fwb sent me a text that was "before we first met i expected u to look like this" and it was just a picture of jeff goldblum. bitch i wish.


when someone misgenders me and i don't correct them, it's not because i don't care about getting misgendered, but rather because i don't care enough about my relationship to that person to put myself through the stress of explaining who i am to them. or because i feel unsafe.

someone on tinder messaged me "can my boyfriend watch" at 8 AM today, and in addition to it being completely out of the blue, i'm just amazed that someone woke up that early to be horny and off-putting

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