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When my art is rough and unfinished it is cringe repellent and aesthetically disgusting but when other people's art isnt done it's organic lively and freeform

Manifesting toned 0% body fat bunny boys in YOUR bedroom

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Maybe someday I'll talk about how businesses always put weird people like me on off shifts like night shifts

I dearly wish I could transition into a dungeon meshi elf

Oh my go I somehow quadposted. Lmao sorry

Banger selfie 

Howdy I'm waiting for work to start

I'm not boy moding these are just my clothes

Making roxy kiss egbert simply does not bring me joy

Even the gay shows/books/whatever aren't gay enough, and homoeroticism, accidental or not, is fun as hell. That's why it's gay when they look at each other. Within the fiction of the universe they are basically never gay, so I will make it up where I feel it belongs

Actually every time two men look at each other it's gay as hell

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What are my mutuals opinions of they might be giants

What are my mutuals opinions of they might be giants

Like 3 different homestuck novelty accounts just followed me

My favorite tmg songs are the ones about being the last of your kind and the ones about getting a new body or any kind of altered embodiment

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