going to engage in a fun food experiment and see if soy milk works in mashed potatoes

do you guys think muffing was invented as a prank to hurt trans women

Holy shit i gmed a ttrpg for the first time and it didnt immediately fireball. Everyone say good job kelly

The homosexual spotlight shines on jacked women in tank tops

The girls are all drawing transsexual equius

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the beastie boys is so FUCKING funny how can anyone listen to it and not crack up laughing

for the love of everything fraggable its farkin cold in here

It takes a lot of work not to post every the mountain goats lyric that pops into my head

God gives his most talented modders his jankiest arpgs

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crab meme 

forgot i made this and nobody even got to see it

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_You hear a shout! x2; You hear two shouts! You hear a shout! x3
You hear two shouts! You hear a shout! x3; You hear a howl! You hear a shout! x2
_You hear a roar!

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alec robbins is gonna write a webcomic that concludes with his self-insert character transitioning as a bit and ill be cheering for him

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i relate to the dwarves in dwarf fortress because getting a strange mood, needing to lock myself into my workshop to create whatever monstrosity has popped into my brain, and going mad if i'm not allowed to, is exactly how creative pursuits have always worked for me

Im in love with the news that black friday was a failure this year

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