Gender as a vector rather than a scalar


You ever feel like a real boywife of a girlfriend

One day I will gently request that a friend shows me through factorio. It looks fun but I am very stupid😔

I like that its just what it says on the tin. I'm an androgyne, meaning I'm androgynous. Pog

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I think its poggers that my gender just straight up changed at one point and I slipped into a new identity altogether

Im putting out androgyne nonbinary vibes tonight

what are some cat furries, im thinking of getting into that


Also i just finished hunterxhunter it was real good and a whole lot of gender was going on. I liked pitou and kite the most

I dont think you need to know what your gender is specifically, just knowing you need to change is enough. I figured out the rest afterward and I think I'm ok. Also sometimes your gender just literally changes and u don't realize until afterward

im out of practice at lower res i should work on my tileset more

Finallllyyyyyy everytime minecraft updates with shit from mods it becomes 100% better

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