I asked to leave at midnight to try and get some sleep before a 3 hour drive to Philly and what does my job do ask for me to stay the whole shift. I will NEVER extend my kindness again, NEVER! They straight up took advantage and I plan on letting them know!

@YinzPittsburghers Republicans expect feigned stupidity of their senators now, so Harvard, Oxford, Yale grads like Tom Cotton, John Kennedy, and Ted Cruz have to pretend they don't understand how vaccines work or what oat milk is. But a Harvard and Penn graduate not being able to count to 10 is brand new.

With my back hurting all I can think of is the goblin collector woman in the labyrinth 😅😅😅

Well got the electric bill in 🥲 fees have gone up a lot. What I use is so low vs the fee amounts. I think any fee that goes over the $amount used should be illegal! This sucks

We've all seen political ads with barely-concealed lies, or even ones pulled from the air because they contain actual lies. It's laughable to get angry with the Democratic Governors' Association for spending money on telling the truth about how extreme Republican candidates are and then letting the voters decide whether or not they want those candidates to represent either their party in the general election or hold that office for the next four years.

As Karel says, the problem is that Republicans find these candidates appealing, not that Democrats run ads telling voters who the candidates are.

Once again, the media's go-to is "blame Democrats for what Republicans do."


Yo Kim dracula makes me think of happy tails and that complex roller coaster of emotions.

Witch chaos 

If one wants to play in chaos anything, for the love of the moon, the sky and different gods! Be prepared for shit and be able to handle it! Be prepared to slap back and that not everything works right away and hits other people! It's not some cake walk, you can't play and then run from chaos either, it will catch up at some point. Do research, ask someone experienced, and maybe even ask for assistance in doing some chaos. Almost most witchy stuff isn't love&light 🖕 shit gets messy

Also checked my email, the amount of petitions and please donates for xyz campaign. Sign petition, write emails cool but I'm a broke person so it's all I can do right now 🥲

Today is the day I'm tired. BUT! I shall still say Buenos dias! Muy somnoliento! 😭 I do work tonight as well, fun times

At my friend's home and he is playing guitar and me singing. We are doing some johnny cash 👍

So watching those cute scary count down videos. There going over a cemetery legend of a big hairy creature and I'm l shout "it's Ben kissel" 🤣🤣🤣 I crack myself up! Love last podcast of the left 👹🤘

A thought for my witchy friends, it's fucking hard to make friends! Like wow! Either people freak out over it, there toxic positivity, or trying to scam you so they can fast track to ruin there life 🤦 I don't even want a coven! I want like a tea party of witches and hear the gossip and have fun, encourage one another to try new things, basically have a good day! One can dream maybe one day it will happen

Heat wave finally gave way here 🎉 we have the windows, hearing the wild life and a cool breeze going through the house 🥰
What saddens me is summer is almost over, cicadas started in July so we have until mid oct when temps truly drop

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