I just love it when an app updates and resets to default settings.

I sometimes forget that I'm actually doing better than ever. I need to remember that when I get anxious about the future. Fact that I've reached this place despite my baggage shows how resilient I am.
Maybe that's enough to take on whatever fate has in store for me.

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cybercrime, plead for hackers 

It would be really nice if some hackers traced these criminals and blackmailers: yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/psy

Tens of thousands of therapy patients' personal data and therapy transcriptions were stolen and are being leaked.

First they blackmailed the therapy company. Now they're blackmailing individual people. People who have been in need of therapy, thus already otherwise not doing so well.

Catching the criminals could literally save lives.

Slightly lewd; spoiling the fun 

He meant "tall".

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Slightly lewd 

Foremen trying to come up with a task for us, because it's a rather idle day at work. One of them looks me up and down and says "You're long, you can clean the oven".

I am quite long, but what does it have to do with cleaning :blobamused:

I want learning new things to feel fun again. Any advice?

Weird poll 

Does John "Hannibal" Smith count as a queer icon?

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PL politics, women's rights, PLEASE boost 

The Constitutional Court of Poland (which includes illegally appointed judges) just made a ruling regarding abortion law.

Abortion in PL is now illegal for p. much ANY reason. Women will be forced to give birth not just to children that result from rape. It'll actually be illegal to abort a foetus without lungs or a brain. No, this is not an exaggeration.

This is a EU country in 2020. Difficult to imagine, right?

Please boost to make this widely known.

Alcohol; food 

Me: Fruit! Vegetables! Healthy dieting!

Also me: *drinks rum almost every day*

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Argos have to make sure that they aren't selling the Nintendo Switch to terrorists.

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Me being a revisionist, bourgeois shill 


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I always hear people ask: is being queer a product of nature or nurture? Are you born queer or do you become queer?

The answer is in fact extremely simple: whichever one makes it so we don't get eugenicized or have more of our rights taken away


I feel like shit tbh. So much has changed for the better in me, but I'm still insecure af.

food, body horror 

I'm hoping for majestic horns and a long spiny tail.

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food, body horror 

The little spare time I have is filled with either eating or sleeping. If movies taught me anything, I have finally begun my transformation into the terrifying deadly cryptid I always knew I was supposed to be.

I have a cool idea for a new pfp, but I need stuff I left at home.

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