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Living in the area disturbed by boar scavenging parties and seagull turf wars. Blessed.

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Ear plugs are one of humanity's most underappreciated inventions.

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remember darkness? 

I mean real darkness. Before all this light pollution. So dark you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. So overwhelming you could only pray that none of the deformed creatures lurking in the hallways would try to kill you in your sleep.

I miss it.

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It's been cold, so we have been making ice lanterns

North Korea unveils worlds most powerful weapon and it's only January. 2021 is not fucking around.

What if you came over and we popped bubble wrap together? :blobflushed:

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This is great! Thanks @stolas for the idea.

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when I could be playing minecraft or something

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I spent entire day browsing clothes online

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Oh, I suppose if I want followers I should like, make people aware I'm doing streaming things.
I've decided to pick up game streaming for 2021, so here's my Twitch link.

Watch this space for streaming at weird hours, but also semi-regular streams Sundays and Wednesdays at 9pm EST.

I'm not committed enough to purchase a feather boa, but if anyone wanted to gift it to me...

Thinking about the time I saw a colourful coat that immediately reminded me of Mollymauk on display of some shop, but couldn't afford it.

Face masks with covid-denialist ramblings to own the right.

Not really my jam but I dig this album cover so very much. I'm enchanted.

It just dawned on me that I will never know what cheap Italian romance novels are like unless I learn Italian.

:thinking_hard: Talk to people I match with on a dating app.

:thinkergunsunglasses: Stay horny and unsatisfied.


Extension called Image Downloader Plus can download pictures in bulk. Only it has to shortfalls.
1. It doesn't download original size. But I don't need them big anyway.
2. It only downloads pictures that are loaded on the screen. You can sorta bypass that by zooming page the fuck out.

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weird scene from a dream 

girl: I didn't admit we're together, because dating a cishet dude is not very gay of me
boyfriend: *cuts in* but I'm Canadian!

For some reason I found it so funny it woke me up.

Spotify link, movie reference

This song feels somewhat less profound without a four-dimensional gene splicing entity from outer space staring at you beneath a lighthouse.

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don't forget to routinely change your gender to prevent identity theft

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