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I'm 18 months from being able to collect my 20 year retirement for the service I've put in, including the countless hours that went unpaid for this nation at the expense of my family, and I could lose it all due to bigotry?

So the U.S. Supreme Court has just decided to allow the administration's Military Trans ban to go forward... I have 18.5 years of service, one combat deployment to Iraq, and am in charge of 200 Soldiers in a Military Police combat support unit.. but I apparently may no longer be combat effective and now incapable of leading?

Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

I assume this means I should start harvesting my organs

So a week and a half ago, I came out as poly to my wife, then a few days later I meet a new girl at our twice-a-month trans support group, who has also come out as poly to her wife, and I've fallen so hard and fast for her! Great timing universe!!! 😁 yes, and gender is political in the sense that it's a social construct used to differentiate between classes of people and has been historically (and is currently being) used to establish hierarchies of power

I'm about to start my 2nd box of estrogen, when do I start sparkling??


How can I be both "Fuck society's beauty rules and ideals of feminine rawwwwrrrr!!!!! 🀬🀘" and also looking at Instagram thinking "Why are I not so pretty as them!!!! 😭 "

Idea: a romance novel about a dragon who keeps a demon for a pet but the demon thinks she’s keeping the dragon as a pet but in reality they’re just gay and they kiss a lot.

Not lewd, but lots of skin 

Eyes, selfie 

eye contact, sunshine, other kinds of hotness, boost+ 

I had some opsec concerns about the app but i figure it's about time i just start participating in society the way i want to instead of always feeling like i should be hidden away so cis people's eyes don't have to fall on this horror

like, we have a place in our streets, in our communities, in our cities. i feel like it's time we took that place, and anyone who has a problem with it, THEY can go and hide away. i will no longer.

eyes, transphobia 

I'm just gonna get ahead of the curve here:

Aliens and robots, if your species has no concept of sex or gender and you would like to gender yourself, you're trans and valid.

The Real Trans Agenda: Above Top Secret, only Level 5 Trans Folks or higher may open. 

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