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Sara Palindrome
1. A foolish statement that makes as little sense forwards as it does backwards


Vegeta is just DBZ's version of Wolverine. He trades his height for ferocity and power. Wolverine is 5 foot 2, and Vegeta is 5 foot 5, but let's be honest, he's probably only 5 foot at most, given how tall his hair is.

Microsoft borking up their OS unnecessarily, which is actually pretty on-brand 

Welp. Apparently the update also fucked over my ability to use the calculator. Oddly paint works fine, but like, any other apps that come with or from the microsoft store? Nope. ffs. I am an upsetti spaghetti. I'll try a reboot after this additional update.

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Microsoft, I'm only gonna let it slide that you dicked around with my default light/dark settings this update because you also added back in the "sounds" menu shortcut to the right click menu. Don't do it again.

Wow, this got fav'd faster than expected. ilu nerds! <3

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So I ran the numbers w/ a calculator and it looks like the absolute fastest you could get halfway across the earth is in a little over 38 seconds. Well, for you it'd be less than 1/10 a second though. But that doesn't help if you're going to be late for a meeting.

Me, from the U.S. talking to my foreign friend: Hey, does it ever get -40 degrees over there?
Friend: uh, Celsius or Fahrenheit?
Me: Yes.

3 point 1 4 1
5 9 2 6 5 3 5

This has been a pi-ku, by Wes.

I like this crayon analogy.

A "normal" person needs 1 crayon. That leaves 63 crayons in the box for everyone else, so let's divide the number of remaining crayons by 63 as a test. Can you draw with 1 crayon? Yep. 1 crayon is fine. That's the default.

Let's say someone needs more resources. Like 4 crayons. That leaves 60 crayons for everyone else. Can you draw with 95% of a crayon? Yep, that's also fine.

Let's say someone needs an absurd amount of resources. 16 crayons. That's 1500% more resources than a "normal" person. Can you draw with slightly more than three quarters of a crayon? Yep, probably still fine.

Jeff Bezos is "worth" 200 billion dollars. Can you draw with 0.00001 crayons?

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REALLY Hot take: Pulling Mjölnir out of the star it was forged in.

Hot take: Pulling an ingot out of the furnace.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the C languages naming convention? C, C++ (that alone is hilarious if you know about C languages) and then C# which is just C++ with an extra line.

Video Games, Dad Jokes 

On top of that, nuclear energy is just end-game steampunk tech. We use really hot rocks to make steam, which spins turbines. Sounds steampunk to me.

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Video Games, Dad Jokes 

The Fallout series is just nuclear steampunk

When you wake up and realize you’ve been chewing on your body pillow in your sleep 


IDK why people in Texas think they're so big. Their whole identity is based around it. We should split Alaska in half and make them the third biggest state.

IDK which gen 1 starter do you all prefer?

The word for moonlight in Japanese is gekkou. Lizards confirmed space aliens.

What's the opposite of top text? 


IDK who needs to hear this, but in the Japanese version of Sailor Moon her name literally translates to rabbit of the moon. Tsukino Usagi (月野 うさぎ)
That's all.

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