a while ago I was trying to put together a texture pack for minecraft that was all vaporwavey, and that project crashed and burned, but I'm still very proud of the pictures I made for the paintings set.

an hate symbol, streaming woes 

ME: Ok, so the 'join streamlabs prime' has a bunch of pepe emotes in it's thing, don't feel comfortable using that anymore. I haven't checked in on Moobot in a bit, let's see where that is.


more minecraft screenshots, spoilers for the game Pony Island, I guess? 

So... I found an island? And there were horses on it. And Pony Island had just come out, and I spent like... a WHILE on this.

Me: huh... why are there all these pink sheep roaming around over here?

Me (moments later): Oh............ right.

food, meat, jesus christ 

I was just made aware that spam musubi was a thing, and I really wish I had the culinary space to make this.

I drew a weird thing. 

We did some drawings by description on stream, I would like you to see this building with a face Xenon had me do.

selfie, ec 

btw, I actually feel like I look good today, please to enjoy.

Beverage, food crimes 

I was getting an energy drink while I was out shopping, and my grocery doesn't carry the Rockstar Lemon I like, but they did have THIS?!

Gonna chill it for an hour and then see how that goes, savor the anticipation with me.

blaseball art 

In memoriam of the Atletico Latte getting shuffled out of the Coffee Cup, I'm choosing to repost this drawing I did of Valentine Games and Walton Sports. Who knows when they will meet again?

I went and spent like, 6 bucks on nail supplies, and I'm usually hesitant to spend that much on cosmetics, but the results are good.

420 ment, a photo. 

I have exactly one picture in it, apparently, which is my brother and a friend talking, presumably about weed or music, in the house I used to live in. "What is that filter?" I hear you cry. The answer: Not a filter, just what a Nokia Flipfone camera looks like.

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blaseball art and wiki 

Found my new favorite entry on the blaseball wiki.

"""sexy""" drawing, twitch 

Don't bother to shame me, I already feel bad about it.


Blaseball is apparently gearing up for an event called "The Coffee Cup", and I think that's cute, and I'm interested to see what happens with that, but my BIG EXCITEMENT is reserved for the fact that the Atletico Latte puts my favorite ship back together.

NFL adj, mascot suggestion 

At the inspiration of @weemadhamish , I present the new mascot for the Washington Football Team, the Mathematically Mean Mascot (M^3 for short)

Of the NFL teams that have a mascot, a third of them are humans, another third are dog or cat adjacent, a sixth are ungulates (bulls, goats, etc), a sixth various birds, and one Dolphin.

They're carrying an abacus, which is breakaway so they can hit opposing mascots over the head and create a hail of gold-and-burgundy beads.


I've been meaning to do this for a while, but ... stuff transpired.

Anyway here's this horrible thing.

Our power is finally on, so I get to use the image I put together last week that ended up being more precient than I thought.

I'd... forgotten that incredible mess so I did a search and just... wow.

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