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I guess I haven't had a pinned post yet? So hi! I'm Kristi! I have an unremarkable dayjob, and at night I host/moderate a twitch stream with my wife and her sisters!

I post when we go live, but muting will get those posts off your TL

I also post arts I do, and weird detritus from my brain.

Canonically, I'm a 15-foot tall Jaeger from the future.

I curate @genderlessinsults

If you want to follow me shoot me a message, odds are high I'll accept if you're not sketchy.

No spoilers, but Doom Eternal has an ending and final boss so bad it had both me and Kristi just angrily ranting for about 45 minutes


posting this big list of black-owned goth brands again because i keep continually coming back to it and it's such a good resource:

I posted this on the other acct, but probably useful to post it here also. :boost_ok:

I've moved most of my follows over to @Hayling , and added a couple people who I didn't bother following because they were on the Local TL and I knew I'd see their posts anyway. If you think I've missed you, go ahead and hit me up and I'll add you over there.

Hey have you ever golfed? Yeah? Have you ever golfed... With your Friends?

This is a bad intro.

We're going to play some mini golf.

This is now a good intro.


Free support for folks who are grieving 

"The Mutual Aid Mourning and Healing Project is an effort to support people who are struggling with loss during this time of isolation. (...) We know that video conferencing and chat apps have their limitations, but we also believe that no one should have to grieve alone. There is no cost for this assistance."



I've made Jambalaya, out of a box. I'm hoping it's not poisonous.

selfie, eye contact, boosts+flirts+compliments++ 

Gonna post this because validation and you can see our evolution toward teenage girl

Oops, I meant:


hello, never saw this scam before but heads up

i assume it leads into some kind of "just log into this phishing site and i'll make it ok"

"Wow, Yoog! Did you really mean all that about gayness not coming from stealing?"
"What? Oh, no, that was just some cool shit to say before I sent him to hell. I shoplift all the time. Don't worry about it."
"Wow, Yugi. I didn't know you shoplifted!"
"I do, and it's actually pretty cool. That's a skill Kabia and all his money will never understand: the power of being gay and shoplifting. And also friends and cards."

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"Curse you, Kaiba..."
"That's right, Yugi... I'm gay. Wait... what?!? My life points!"
"Hmph. While you were gloating about being the only gay one, the heart of the cards has been making me gay the entire time! You were too busy thinking about all the gay you hoarded for yourself that you never stopped to think about the gayness of your opponent. True homosexuality comes from the heart, and from friends, and also the internet. It doesn't come from stealing! Consider that, in the Shadow Realm..."

If a BLÅHAJ wore a Christmas hat would they wear it like this or like this

a while ago I was trying to put together a texture pack for minecraft that was all vaporwavey, and that project crashed and burned, but I'm still very proud of the pictures I made for the paintings set.

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