Since June two massive protest encampments have unhoused people in Philadelphia have been demanding that the housing authority transfer their VACANT houses into a community land trust and give permanent housing to the unhoused protestors

AND TODAY THEY WON!! 50 Houses are being transferred into a community land trust owned by the unhoused protest organizers!! This is a HUGE precedent and a STRONG start! Philly is THE poorest major city America

Hey how about them smush brothers? We're going to splat some siblings.

Come watch us ultimately squash close relatives.


#TruckCommunity #stream

May you be as happy as a troop of bears discovering a heap of apples

"But godmother, I don't understand! I've been all around this magical land. Walked down Electric Avenue, all the way into Funkytown! Why I even took a shift at the C+C Music Factory! And I still haven't found my Groove!"

"Oh, sweet child." the fairy chuckled, "Your Groove was never far from you. Because Groove... is in the Heart."

My oc Lavender ☂️ She’s the quiet one in class that never raises her hand but knows all the answers. You can copy her homework but you’ll have to pay her lol. #art #mastoart #illustration

block recommendation has nazis on it and any instance that tolerates this kinda shit should be burned to the ground with its mods inside

Gotta stay home today, so I'm live with some Hard Mode Mega Bustin' Action! It's Mighty No. 9! #twitch

Good morning, here to say that while I don't think I'm interested in playing the game, I -would- die for the adorable scavange robot in Deep Rock Galactic.

Aggressive reminder to never shame people for asking for help.

And PLEASE stop calling asking for help/assistance "e-begging".

Frankly, it's gotten to the point where it just carries negative connotations and does nothing but make the person asking for help feeling ashamed for asking for help.

You can either give or mind your damn business.

It is a lovely day in the north village, and you are still a horrible Frank.

Let's cause more problems, on purpose.

Dead Rising 4 continues next.


#TruckCommunity #stream

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