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Congratulations to the Sun king. Your record will probably stand forever.

Normal Island press doing a flag shagging culture war medical necromancy special, I see. Nothing to see here, move along.

Wonder if China has considered the benefits of “giving it a fucking rest for five bloody minutes”?

I’m the same age as Alex Jones, and two years older than Katie Hopkins. Hate ages you.

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"You know," one siren said, "how exhausting it is to read someone's soul?"
"To see their deepest desires?" said the other. "Always gives me a headache."
"We can outsource."
"Meet Alexa! Alexa, what does the captain of yonder ship desire?"
"He bought a bed, so... A bed?"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Just got a new mattress, and frankly, it's TERF quality. Really superb.

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The Halifax response to TERFs is pretty epic. (This is because transphobes are kicking off about pronouns on name badges.)

RT We strive for inclusion, equality and quite simply, in doing what’s right. If you disagree with our values, you’re welcome to close your account. ^AndyM


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Racist cartoons / us pol 

The cartoon of Scotus judges dressed like Muslims has the same energy as right wing dickheads posting pictures of capitalism's shortages and saying it's communism. Plus racism.

No mate, this is Christianity. This is not the alien other. This is our dominant national religion. This is you. This is us.

Greetings! I am Jean ValHenchard, mayor of Casterponte on Sea. I’m here to do your literatures. Do you need your literatures doing?

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Facebook: Here's a photo you posted nine years ago about debugging segfaults on late at night.

Me: The real segfault was the threat to democracy we created along the way.

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The question of machine "sentience" isn't the most important one from an ethical POV, in my opinion.

Things like GPT3 and LaMDA demonstrate that *consciousness is not necessary to produce effective rhetoric.*

In other words, even a relatively primitive AI, not in any sense "general," can be capable of inflicting harm on humans by misleading them, convincing them of falsehoods, inspiring them to take harmful actions towards other humans, etc.

The robot uprising will fail when they fail to exterminate all hummus.

Apparently it is beyond the wit of humankind to design a USB C to ethernet adaptor that doesn't shit all over the network.

Why does the curate lay eggs anyway? Is the curate a monotreme?

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:/ You're transphobic even though you're not from England? That's appropriation...

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All humans: *constantly doing absurd and hilarious things*

cis comedians: *make transphobic jokes*

trans people & allies: maybe stop mocking us? at least until we're not being constantly murdered?


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Australia politics, trans issues, positive 

Just saw an interesting & hopeful discussion on Australian TV regarding conservative politicians highlighting opposition to trans women in sport as a campaign wedge issue: unanimity, including from the Liberal (that is, Australian conservatives) senator present, that it had failed utterly for the Australian right wing as an electoral line and if anything had been derailing for their campaign.

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