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I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

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Australia politics, trans issues, positive 

Just saw an interesting & hopeful discussion on Australian TV regarding conservative politicians highlighting opposition to trans women in sport as a campaign wedge issue: unanimity, including from the Liberal (that is, Australian conservatives) senator present, that it had failed utterly for the Australian right wing as an electoral line and if anything had been derailing for their campaign.

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reminder: sex is also a social construct; categories do not exist as platonic ideals, separate from the society which defines them and deems them important

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"I don’t see the sense to your actions," cried the hero righteously to his nemesis.

"That's the difference between us," screeched Barb Lifecrusher voluptuously, "I know I'm in a story, and I WILL gain control!"

She jabbed a red clawed finger at the button; the narrative rewove her into a well-rounded character instead of a byproduct of the author’s bitter divorce.

Uh oh, thought the author

“Get therapy,” Barb suggested.

Yes ma’am.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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We are proposing a 'Rebuild Ukraine' Facility to support the reconstruction of the country once the war is over.

Investments will go hand in hand with reforms and in line with Ukraine's European path.


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I don't get it. Moving through a frictionless vacuum is the physics textbook trope of how to simplify a calculation. Collecting tracking data on the user…? A much harder task.

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Indeed! Some people never see each other's posts because of differences in time zone or personal schedules.

It is okay to boost your own post so that people in other time zones can see it 👍

There is no timeline algorithm on here, everything is chronological, so self-boosting may be the only way to get your posts visible in other time zones.

Moving to Portugal has made me realise that a lot of my cynicism about "human nature" is actually about British (and American) people and the arrogant insularity that pervades their societies.

No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

RIP iPod. After 21 years, you will be fondly remembered.

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Stablecoin is collapsing? How am I supposed to pay my horses now???

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From birdsite 


With all the attention on the market, black hole pics, TWTR takeover noise - we missed they found the cause of SIDs?! The cause of 37% of infant deaths & it just…passed us by. Closest thing to a miracle in a long time. Now for screening & prevention.


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One of the annoying things about Mastodon (on the iPhone at least) is how comparatively hard it is to find people to follow. On Twitter I’d view a friend’s profile and see which of their followed/followers might be interesting to me. Here I’m just told “followers on other servers not shown” or similar. Am I missing something?

Ampère: I invented the solenoid!
Volta: I invented the battery!
Faraday: I invented the electric motor!
Coulomb:I. AM. THE. LAW!

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But I'll leave you with this overview of the "Big 3" ways to find #exoplanets!

Next week we'll talk more about those funky Sub-Neptunes and Super-Earths and (exo)planetary habitability!

Extended #SpaceTalkTuesday #ScienceThread #Science (18/18)

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Only with time you'll be able to learn the ropes of the Fediverse. Because it may look like Twitter. But the lack of algorithms means you have to actively look for people to follow and talk to. There are very few gamified engagement carrots for you to crave here.
The things that make Twitter so much more "engaging" are the very same that make it a toxic hellhole.

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Also, every email they send me has "food and drug administration" in the title. It's a German product, shipped from Germany, to Portugal. WHAT THE HELL GUYS?

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