@FuchsiaShock Isn't that the most common villain trope? When the villain makes perfect sense, but then the protagonists responds with "but you're villain", incapacitates or kills the villain, and then proceeds to "your ideals were villainous" or "your ideals were noble but your ways were villainous, and to achieve these ideals in the right way we need to collaborate with cops/nazis/etc"?

@FuchsiaShock it's funny how this is the case in a lot of stories. The villains are really just people who think a system is oppressive (and it usually genuinely is so) and take a radical stance on tearing it down. The good guys try and stop them to "keep order".

@FuchsiaShock LoK's villains really want to engage in a Hegelian dialectic in which their philosophy serves as an antithesis to the status quo defended by the avatar. But they forget- Korra has fists.

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