@FuchsiaShock "deplatfowming doesn't work, fwee speech, mawketplace of ideas!!11!!" my ass.

The dude figured out how to run (social) media while bartending. Kudos.

@FuchsiaShock what happens when you "give people a second chance" on your instance instead of banning them for being known offenders

@FuchsiaShock i pledge to always boost this and anything like it in any format on any network.

@FuchsiaShock Typical white privilege example here: No Black customer would ever not see the nazi paraphernalia on anyone at first sight. Watching this is necessary for survival.

@FuchsiaShock this is also what fascinates me with tech, and how blind we are with tech.

Everyone gets it in a pub, and we understand that a bartender has to be careful about who's accepted at a pub. Bars don't get accused of blocking free speech, at least not during my 10 years tending bars.

But tech is new, so we have to learn everything from scratch again, apparently.

This is the most terrible post I have seen so far. He is just bringing up allegations.
What If all bartenders do that in their bar?

"That guy is black, blacks bring their friends and then they make troubles etc. etc."

"Shes a feminist, once in, she brings her other girls and forces everyone to say "drinkqueen" instead of drinking."

And so on.

Thats not how you solve the nazi problem, thats how you make it even bigger.

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