if you're a fascist and you're fired, it's your fault πŸ‘πŸ‘
if you're a fascist and you're fired, it's your fault πŸ‘πŸ‘

if you're spotted in the mob,
then you lose your fucking job

if you're a fascist and you're fired, it's your fault! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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like, he's like β€œi want software to be free, but i want people to be under the boot of fascism” lol

@FuchsiaShock not sure that's how that works. Its also illegal to fire someone based on their political views.

@jordan31 firing someone for being a fascist is the *kindest* thing i've ever wished upon them, buddy, so you might wanna take your defense of fascism elsewhere, ok?

@jordan31 @FuchsiaShock If they are an "at will" employee they can be fired at any time and for any reason as long as that reason is not discriminatory or retaliatory. So it depends on the write-up really.
I would argue that commiting criminal acts and holding political views are not mutually exclusive--so whether you commited a crime during a BLM protest or the recent protest, these should be handled the same way in regards to potential firing.

uspol, violence, recent events 

@nebunez @FuchsiaShock I disagree. Burning a police department should not be punished, but awarded. It proves your willingness to take responsibility for yourself and those around you by taking action against major threats. That is a good quality.
If you attend a fascist attempted coup, that means you hold views that will make working with you dif.. impossible for any talent that has grown or was born beyond your limited worldview. For that you should be fired ASAP.

@nebunez @jordan31 people who base their moral system on legality are seriously sus. the us civil rights movement, once fully illegal, is still largely criminalised. white supremacist violence was once fully legal, and is still largely treated leniently by the justice system. people knew then and still know now, that was wrong, but people who defend the law were and still are complicit in.oppression of marginalised groups who the law does not serve or protect

@jordan31 @FuchsiaShock it's illegal to string 'em up from a lamppost like mussolini for being a fascist but guess what it's still the right thing to do

@jordan31 @FuchsiaShock here is a list of charges as of this morning when I rolled out of bed. Having political views isn't a good reason to get fired but these all are.

@FuchsiaShock in 2019, I saw a libertarian foss podcast with a mastodon instance.

@FuchsiaShock and at least one of them was a schoolteacher, of all things 😬

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