sorta tangent on sexuality & invisibility 

You know, focussing on the gender and sexuality parts of this, i think my favourite (? not favourite?) part is how the sexuality doesn't even mention diamoric or any other attraction that is nonbinary-specific or centred.

Like i know it's a small space with many words squished in and we have so many labels but also just.... idk, i have a lot of feelings around this topic i won't even try and dump here lol

sorta tangent on sexuality & invisibility 

@certifiedperson @schratze it would be a heck of a task to cover everything, it's true.

@FuchsiaShock can someone explain the sexuality sector? Or is there an explanation about this somewhere?

@FuchsiaShock I sent this to a friend and they asked me why gay men have more power, and also how asexuality can be marginalized if it's not even visible. I have some feeling it is right the way it is in the picture but I cannot put it in words myself

@unsuspicious gay men have more social standing, acceptance, and better position than lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or asexual people. invisibility is just another form of marginalisation.

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