making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

@feld @FuchsiaShock there's something cathartic about seeing heterosexism flipped on its head. that doesn't make it a fetish, it just means there's something enjoyable in being in a community that sees queer sexual orientations as the default, instead of being constantly reminded that you exist in the margins.

@feld @FuchsiaShock Schadenfreude over a hundred years of this being done to us?

It's not like this is "good" but it's definitely funny that this is totally mind blowing to straight people while the same survey assuming that all people are straight wouldn't even be noticed. So... funny.

@feld straight people ? They even don't exist ! 😂 @FuchsiaShock brilliant! 😘

@FuchsiaShock Also, there's no radio button for "other". Does that form even work like that? Would be even more realistic if straight people are getting denied to answer 😂

@FuchsiaShock Honestly, as a straight, cis, white male, I love this.

Anything that shakes me out of complacency is *wonderful*

@FuchsiaShock honestly, straight is a nonsense category. "Other" makes a lot more sense

@FuchsiaShock prefer not to say (being straight is deeply shameful and the loathesome sin best left unnamed)

@FuchsiaShock nice. nothing like getting straight to point ....

@FuchsiaShock On a more serious note I feel like survey questions about gender or orientation should just be a single blank box (like it should be with names and addresses) because it's really hard to capture variety and entropy in this. Maybe except when you're interested in a single category, where I feel like I'd go e.g. "gay vs. not gay".

@FuchsiaShock @garbados "Due, we suspect, to a recent resurgence of Austin Powers viewing, the number one recorded sexual orientation on campus is 'Yes Please'."

@FuchsiaShock Asking this question is *never* a powermove. It's a disgrace for everybody's #privacy.

@FuchsiaShock the straight person that compiled the form, before, during, and after realising what they did.

@FuchsiaShock We can make that happen for genders too:
- Nothing;
- Balanced;
- More of this than that;
- Prefer not to say;
- Other:

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