privatisation of space exploration, militarisation of space

@FuchsiaShock @RussellsBarbershopQuartet ugh frickin’ tech bros, we already *have* that, but we only use it for nukes because anything “delivered” that way is indistinguishable from a nuclear attack & if it flies over Certain Countries they’re liable to shoot back at you

@mxsparks @RussellsBarbershopQuartet this is like when they invented shit that already exists, like the bus and the train and the taxi, only this has a much much higher potential death toll

nukes bad 

@FuchsiaShock cant wait for the use of subsonic ICBMs to lead to the end of the world as they make the big nuke counties more skittish about payload delivery and thus retaliation woo thanks Elon

nukes bad 

@roxie he's like a movie villain only with much much less charisma

nukes bad 

@FuchsiaShock @roxie he's the movie villain in an amateur RPG campaign that was made to be goofy

@FuchsiaShock This is what it has always been about from the applied science perspective.

It makes some other great things happens too... but this is why it gets funded. :(

@FuchsiaShock even before this mess Elons 'earth to earth' rocket plan was a bad plan. The thing was projected to have almost 3 times the emissions of a 747

@FuchsiaShock having an absolutely fucking terrible time on a rocket that may or may not explode because i was to impatient to spend 12 hours on a regular flight

@FuchsiaShock yay more wasted money for things that could be done easier, safer, cheaper, and more reliably with planes.
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