ukpol, covid, incompetence 

Shock and despair follow revelations that 'world-leading' Test and Trace system is being run on Excel spreadsheet
"Next they'll tell us it's run on Windows 95 and they manually back it up on floppy disks each night."

excel is not for databases it is for spreadsheets
holy fuck

what fucking clowns did this and how the hell did they charge so much to do it

first against the wall

@FuchsiaShock imo the aim isn't to provide a functioning service, it's to funnel as much money as possible into certain people's pockets. Blehhh

@FuchsiaShock Do they still have that hag from TalkTalk running the shitshow?

@FuchsiaShock JFC, yes she is, and she should be chained to the bottom of the Marianas Trench for this.

@a_breakin_glass @FuchsiaShock Suddenly getting flashbacks to the mobile development assignment I had to suffer, in which the NHS lady requesting the posture measuring app we were developing only expected users' data to be emailed directly to her. :blobgrimace:

@FuchsiaShock @a_breakin_glass Believe me, I tried to get across the flaws of that idea to minimal avail. :blobugh:

@FuchsiaShock even worse: MS Office literally includes an actual database (Micro$oft Access). So it's even more baffling that they used Excel - they could've just used Access.

ukpol, covid, incompetence 

Actually, it's M$ Works3, on WfW3, that gets exported to Excell.
(I installed the system in 2001)

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