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is 'butt' part of 'legs'?

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reclamation of slur 


i wear the word as a badge of defiance, as a 'fuck you' to those who tried to destroy us with that word and failed.

not everybody wants to be associated with the word. it has a lot of heavy baggage. it has been used to wound many of us for a very long time, me included.

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Again, apologies for not doing my usual image descriptions. I'm having to type everything left handed while my broken arm is in a sling.

all videogame protagonists are transgender unless the narrative specifically goes out of its way to say they are not, and even then its debatable

in a moment of madness i bought a kinect for my xbox 360
i don't even know why

there is nothing better than trans people living their best life
shut up if you disagree i don't care what you think

sometimes i read articles in marketing trade papers just to remind myself how diseased the capitalist mind is

i'm definitely in some kind of fucked up dreamstate because this isn't even remotely like reality

Today is .

Over a decade ago, Rachel Crandall-Crocker wanted a reason for transgender people to celebrate and come together. So she created one.

Millions of people now recognize March 31 as a day to celebrate trans people worldwide.

today i'm playing the classic namco ridge racer spin off known as r: racing (evolution)

Katy Montgomerie is doing a TDOV stream from 6:45pm UK time.
Thankfully Contrapoints is on last at 1am so we can fuck off before she opens her gob to whine about being cancelled or whatever. I assume this was intentional smart scheduling so her presence doesn't destroy the chat during everyone else's bits

lol watch me displace my internalised transmisogyny onto the targets where it does least harm because i'm still a problematic polluting bitch but until i fully destroy all the transmisogyny pollution in me it's gonna go somewhere

so it's going towards the bulletproof huge ego brigade

ukpol, racism, acab 

uk govt are like: “obviously there's no governmental, structural or institutional racism in the uk, the reason people of colour aren't doing as well as white people and are subjected to more violent policing is just because they're inferior and inherently criminal”

i realised there was a star ocean anime so i started watching it, but it's not as good as the games

where to cut, tho?
i'm thinking about one or two inches below bumcheek

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