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reclamation of slur 


i wear the word as a badge of defiance, as a 'fuck you' to those who tried to destroy us with that word and failed.

not everybody wants to be associated with the word. it has a lot of heavy baggage. it has been used to wound many of us for a very long time, me included.

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Again, apologies for not doing my usual image descriptions. I'm having to type everything left handed while my broken arm is in a sling.

tfw you look im the mirror and think ‘something's missing from this outfit' and then you realise it's just that you don't have cat ears on and you'd definitely look better with cat ears

i'm not heterophobic but why do they always have to be rubbing their straight lifestyles in my face

How Star Trek Voyager Defeated Conspiracy Theories With Empathy | Jessie Gender

autism, eugenics 

That Stupid Autism Squad Car | RogueBxtch

covid, mental health 

Lost touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health | Life and style | The Guardian

you guys were getting hugs?

i went without hugs for years before covid.

i admit, it MAY have had something of an effect on my mental health...

the six genders: her, him, active, style, perfect, and david jones

The whole healing of broken bones, joint and tendon repair, and wound healing thing in cats is why they purr to themselves when they're hurt as well as to other cats (and us) as a sign of friendship. Like, “I'm gonna help heal you bud”.
As,a catgirl, I cannot purr, but I have tools that vibrate thst might help 🥺👉👈

coach z goatse

you're welcome for that mental image
i had it so now you do too

vagina biology talk, photo of knickers 

The pH of a healthy vagina ranges from 3.5-7 (acidic to neutral). Acidic things can remove dye. At 3.5 it's like lemon juice in your hair in the summer, but for the entire day, everyday. At 7 it's neutral, and will not leave a bleach stain.

aaaaaaaargh liberal bullshit being shared on one social media network about democrat unity being necessary to deliver the change that marginalised people need (lol it's not even willing even if it were able)

then some het trans girl nonsense being shared on another social network about partnering with masculinity being necessary for femmes (trans women need to stop seeking validation from men like they're the arbiters of gender)

i'm about done

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