so i've had this game called technomancer in my 'free with xbox live gold' library for ages and not played it, because the reviews weren't great
and today i thought fuck it, i'll give it a go
and actually i kinda like it
do i just have bad taste in games or something

conservatives come into my life and start fucking my shit up, but my opinion can be ignored by liberals as 'not objective' because i'm busy fighting to defend my existence. ok.

you know what? fuck that

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white dudes being white dudes 

the facebook experience: when your acquaintances start pulling some privileged “i'm able to be objective” shit after you disagreed with their 'not all white men' whining

Billionaires actually going around having people believing they deserve everything they have and that they worked hard for it

Fucking guillotine time

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The only thing I wanna hear from a billionaire is their cries when we take their stolen wealth back

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Bizarre ‘Dark Fluid’ With Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe
'Forget about dark matter and dark energy, research suggests that the existence of ‘dark fluid’ may solve some of the biggest mysteries in physics.'

every time i watch any ghost in the shell these days i end up wincing any time they switch to 'autistic mode'. they could easily just call it offline or disconn mode and then wouldn't be partipating in a weird ableist choice of terms

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it takes a few episodes to get going, but after a while it does feel like the next series of stand alone complex, but with shinier cg

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this person sitting there being really confused at everyone then using those as pronouns when they were talking about software

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watching the netflix ghost in the shell
i like how it looks
not sure about the story yet, but we'll see how that goes

if you are ever swallowed whole
by a beastie
be sure to be wearing armour
made of sweetcorn
so you are not digested

had the weirdest dream
where i was kinda at the start of an organically growing relationship with a guy
and i had bought books about football so that i could understand his passion for it
which is a level of compromise i absolutely would not make irl
i was happy about it, too.

then i woke up and i was like

argh no yuck

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