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is 'butt' part of 'legs'?

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reclamation of slur 


i wear the word as a badge of defiance, as a 'fuck you' to those who tried to destroy us with that word and failed.

not everybody wants to be associated with the word. it has a lot of heavy baggage. it has been used to wound many of us for a very long time, me included.

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Again, apologies for not doing my usual image descriptions. I'm having to type everything left handed while my broken arm is in a sling.

Do "Binary Trans Women" Even Exist? The Politics of Gender Conformity | Lily Alexandre

really liking these videos

youtube video with mentions of transphobia, alienation, suicide 

Girls Own the Void: Trans Women, Alienation, and Metastability | Lily Alexandre

oof yup

if only the livery editor from forza and the b-spec mode from gran turismo came together and allowed me to run a pretend racing team

sax person on my road is playing again

toot toot boot doot doodleoodleoodleoodles doot toot

is nice

who needs a ps5? not me, i'm gonna keep playing old games, there's lots left to do before i have to spend more money on this hobby

they also have little form arrows like you get in some other sports games, indicating whether they're having a good day or not. this adds to their personalities in my head.

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the hotheaded driver (named l.legendre) has been issued a red racing suit to suit their temprament. that driver is full of raw talent, and can do amazing things if their temper can be reined in. i haven't decided on what gender *any* of the drivers are yet, but i'm thinking l.legendre has no time for binary gender bullshit, and might well just say they 'identify as 1st place' so might well keep they/them pronouns even after i've decided on a gender to mentally assign the other two

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much fun. also it's giving me an insight into how gran turismo's ai works which i'll be able to take into a-spec mode

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i'm starting to assign actual personalities to my three current drivers, despite them actually just being three different sets of numbers. one is much more experienced, but kinda slow, the second is very cool under pressure and reliable, the third is extremely hot headed and is raging all the time, needing their leash held constantly, unless they're in first, when they're way more chilled than the other two

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me playing gt5 b-spec mode:
“slow down you fool before you wreck yourself”
“wait for it, wait for it, wait for it”
“yes, keep that pressure on them. but keep your cool.”
“he's binned it, now GO GO GO”

i think i might be beginning to prefer b spec mode to the main game.
carefully raising your stable of racing drivers to be winners and equipping them with the right tools for the job... it's like pokemon. or maybe digimon.

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Don't you just love when the guy in front finally collapses under the relentless pressure from your cool-headed driver on the last lap?

people ask “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” this question has both been answered (it was the egg) and is the wrong question to ask.
a better question to ask is “which evolved first, the mouth or the anus?” because the answer to that is more interesting

someone nearby is practicing on the sax and i'm kinda enjoying their groove tbh

i actually like b-spec mode in gran turismo

yeah i'm one of those weirdos

剣山でのナイトクルーズ Night Cruise (Japanese Jazz/Fusion Mix Vol.1)
been listening to a bunch of these japanese jazz fusion compilations on youtube
i don't even know why

The Konami Racing Game You Never Heard Of: Enthusia Professional Racing - valeforXD

fucking great game. the reviewers were plain WRONG

When I I'm imagining a world where opportunity beyond borders isn't just for capital, while those the capitalists exploit to gain that capital are penned in by the very same borders

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