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18+ only, posing in my underwear 

Some artsy photos of my adorable tummy and non-existent but cute bum :heart_agender:

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Hey, I'm yet another refugee looking for a new place to post lewds and boost cute cat photos.

Since this instance isn't NSFW in general I'm not sure if I've found the right home yet, but I definitely like the name. 👍

I am usually pretty shy so I'm more of a quiet than a flirt. If I end up sticking around I'll put a link to my Xtube on my profile.

I may not be creative, but I am tired as hell.

GOG is giving away Soma for free.

I'm not big on horror games but I hear it has a "safe mode" now that lets you just walk around and absorb the dystopian future that is Soma.

So, if you're interested~

there are police and detective emojis but no thief emojis??? this is discrimeination

Consensual violence ment 

Wanna beat up a cutie and make them feel good sooo bad right now.

things move so fast here, and im love it. like, the tumblr purge was what? a little over a week ago? and it feels like ive already settled down and lived here for 2 months and become a peaceful cabbage farmer living their best life. i love all of u so much

mastectomy ment 

someone free me from decisions and tiddy pls

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fatphobia and health care 

if you've ever run into a doctor who is always steering the conversation towards weight, this might be useful

Questioning you gender does not make you weak.

Questioning the validity of what you’ve been told and forced to accept since the day you were born means you are strong.

Existing in a place of uncertainty demands power and inner strength.

You have that power.

#nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypride ..

mastectomy ment 

Even though we finally have the money saved for my top surgery I'm still struggling with panic attacks when I think about looking up doctors again.

Even though we've been working on my money anxiety issue I still get overwhelmed thinking about how much it will cost.

The combination of trying to find someone nearby, skilled enough, thinking about my wife taking time off for it, cost, and finding someone who will operate on me at my weight is overwhelming.

the struggle. the pure unadulterated strife of not being able to order fried pickles because the establishment lists them as "pickle ricks".

The gender of the day is sequined leggings covered in rainbows.

There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by my self. ~ Brian Andreas

Dog, ec 

Lemme out there, I wanna lay in the cold.(it’s -36)

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