The first corporation to ever exist was the Dutch East India Company. It existed because the enterprise itself was too risky for one sole proprietor to handle. Thus they needed to create a form of collective ownership to mitigate the risk.

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I get it. You don't want to see Minion memes or see pictures of food.

But I'd rather have those memes and pics on the Fediverse than on Meta-controlled social networks.

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Generally, I'm against "anti-normieism": the notion that the Fediverse should stay out of the hands of the average person.

I find such attitudes elitist, and unhelpful to the core problem: centralized social media is destroying society.

It’s striking how positive things are here in comparison to Twitter.

Even the “smash the state” crowd seems to be more about prefiguration and mutual aid, and less about violence.

It’s hard to know just how well fed your negative biases are until you remove their food source.

I appreciate you folks.

Seen elsewhere:

A senior EU source tells me: “Putin has now taken day-to day-control of the conflict and delegated the running of Russia to the Prime Minister”

#ukraine #war #putin #idiots

Zelensky was spotted doing a jig in Kyiv. Meanwhile, in the Putinbunker...

So, for any other thirsty, desperate billionaires: since Twitter is no longer available, I will happily entertain offers for my empire, and at only 10% of the cost of what Apartheid Blofeld paid.

The behaviour of ball bearings as they self assemble under an electric field They seem alive, reaching for each other to form emergent structures!

Good morning, everyone! Here is today's random computer: A Toshiba T1200. I believe it works, but I obviously don't use it as it was a victim of keyboard ghouls before I got it. I asked the guy if I could *please* have the keycaps, too, but he refused, because "They're PBT, man!" ..... ugh. So, now I need to track down a set of ALPS keycaps.

Other #yugoslavia #retrocomputing machines are more import affine:

* H6000 - Honeywell licensed mainframes for banking running General Electric GCOS operating system

* Triglav - also known as "Trident", 1980s desktop from manufacturer "Iskra Delta", an interesting polymorph device running as PDP-11 variant, Intel 286, or Motorola 68010 with different operating systems.

* Iskra Delta 800, a PDP-11 clone


More #polish #polski #poland #retrocomputing machines:

* Odra - their mainframe class

produced by a company named "ELWRO" whose building looks like a huge keyboard.

* MERA 400 - mid-size 16bit computer from the 1970s-1980s


every time one of you Oats me, another grain gets added to the bowl. One day I will become Porridge

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