*opens eyes* :netkitty_face:
*stands up & does a big stretchy*
good morning, mew :3 what are you going to do today?

lewd joke 

It's not that I can't make women orgasm, it's called denial look it up

O-O satan please help me why can my bf ejaculate 4 times before he is finished?

Ive got my pants so loose the only thing holding them up is the bulge of dis diiiiick.


my parents: *leave for holiday destination*
me, not 5 minutes later:

petplay kink, sex 

Pet got the zoomies? No worries! Just pin them against the nearest flat surface and slip a hand or thigh between their legs. Gives them something to work out all that energy on

this caturday, think like a cat :blobcat3c:

have things to do?

don’t do them :netkitty_w:

just flop and relax :blobmiou:

this is my advice for today

massage your subs' butts with moisturiser after spanking. always cuddle your subs after sadism and tell them how happy they make you feel, how attractive and good they are. make your subs drink water post-session. insist. have fresh towels for their shower . charge your subs' phones before they know it. cook for your subs' tastes. #caredomme


*looks closely at their 'clear cookies button*
*peals back the label to reveal 'deliver cookies to KITTEN.EXE'*

the "i really hope we hug and maybe even smol kiss" to "making them totally zone out by french kissing them against a 70 degree sloped wall" pipeline

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the "yeah sure they're cute it would probably be cool to meet them" to "holy shit im so fucking gay" pipeline

*snifsnifsnifs you*
*snifsnifs you more*
*sticks face in your face* *snifsnifsnif*
hmm :blobcat3c:

*walks around with a toy in its mouth mewing* mrrew! mrrrrrriou!

lewd, cum 

having a bf is nice bc “if I do end up with cum in my mouth somehow, I will definitely feed it to you” 💦 😜

Very Horny 

OH: *bonk*
"Go to horny rehabilitation and support center"
- "Sounds like a giant orgy"


Cute and gay 💕 

Nothing as beautiful as waking up in a bed full of cuddly naked cuties 💕

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