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lewd selfie, ass (very fuckable) 

I think this is my best selfie angle

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Lewd, Shitpost 

One day I will have my own dick. Until then I'll have to make do with other people's dicks

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Hey could you pick up some gender euphoria and self love on your way home? Thanks

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Is it possible to automatically tag all my toots with shitpost?

using the amongus operator ඞ to vent all the impostors in a list

I am resisting the urge to just toot nonstop about my current hyperfixation, so you're welcome.




Hey fediverse, I'm looking for a nice website (or even app) about bicycle repair, something like step-by-step instructions to follow on your phone for most common problems. YouTube videos are such a hassle for this :moji21:

Boosts most welcome :boosts_ok:

lewd, copypasta 

@lewdly the prudes don’t want you to know this but the dicks at the park are free you can take them home I have 458 dicks

hrt, boosts welcome esp berlin folks 

so is there like, ANY endocrinologists which are
a) trans friendly
b) not booked till the end of times like ViRo and endokrinologikum
c) in Berlin

or do i have to take some shady diy stuff?

the feminine urge to mew mew prrr sleepy cosy curl up cuddles
failing out of my bachelors because i keep zoning out in classes. call that a dissociates degree

Hey, my partner and I are escaping an abusive household, but while we haven't moved out just yet, we're essentially paying 2 rents at the same time (with the deposit and getting money together for first rent and such) and paying for packing materials and other things, so we're running very short on money despite our best efforts atm.

If you could spare the money to donate, we'd really appreciate it, thanks.

who wants to be friends with benefits with me (the benefit is that I review your code because I like reviewing code (i like sharing my opinion))

reading about twitter drama on the fediverse is like hearing your neighbors' fight through the walls

I've just donated to
Trans Rescue. They help trans people in dangerous places get to safety. You can help them too:

when a post is really good but also really bad 

boosted + faved + unfollowed + reported + defederated

begpost, please boost 

I'm still in a bad situation at home and need all the help I can to get out, but until then I need help paying for food, outstanding bills, gas money for being able to escape the orbit of this place i'm stuck in, anything.

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

its so fucking hot. this is what happens when you 198 terahashes per second for bitcoin. stop it

⚠️ begpost, please boost! 

queer/trans found family of four with various disabilities / medical needs. We still need a bit more for groceries and other living expenses, dipped into the negative again this morning. Every bit helps! 🖤 ☀️

My partner @eri's PayPal link:

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