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cat, digital art 

I made a rough sketch of my quirky but cute cat. Might make a more precise drawing later. What do you folks think of it?

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Lewd, Shitpost 

One day I will have my own dick. Until then I'll have to make do with other people's dicks

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Hey could you pick up some gender euphoria and self love on your way home? Thanks

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Is it possible to automatically tag all my toots with shitpost?

trying to explain being poly to mono people who have never heard of it

clip has subtitles

rude that facebook has an 'it's complicated' option for relationships but not gender

where's that post about the person whomst fired guns into the air every night to keep the property values down

I really don't like time based one time passwords. They always make me feel like I'm trying to do some kind of type in your password speedrun.

Microcheating by only sucking a little bit of dick when I go to the bar after work

At a certain point picrew artists really should just make the NB flag the default background

*distant mewing*
*mewing approaches*
*headbumps you* mew!

elevator pitch: ideally 0°, same as elevator yaw and elevator roll

😔✋ "I was born this way, I can't help it"

😌👉 "this is who I am whether you like it or not"

reminder not to post your crimes on the internet

"i can't believe it's not butter" except it's "I can't believe she's my girlfriend"
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