a little lewd @ reader 

When you simp for the void, the void simps also for you

pan visibility day 

swastika, indigenous-jewish solidarity, + 

I'm opposed to people having fun on the internet. The internet is no laughing matter. God forbid I ever see anything on here that leaves me mildly amused

mildly lewd meme, asking for shopping advice 

Housebound advice, mental health 

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hot enby looking for cuties that know the grapefruit method

Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

a coin has two sides
- boring
- outdated
- imprecise

a coin has three sides
- interesting
- little edgy
- doesn't actually matter because the third side has very low probability

a coin has one side because it is topologically isomorphic to a sphere
- subversive
- intellectual
- implies that money can be stretched and squished, reminding you of the fact that money has no inherent or fixed value

helo. it is caturday

this caturday i am requesting one (1) skritch. just one. thank mew

daily bunny, no ec 

Ah yes the eternal quesrion: do I like them or do they just like me?

just vagina things (: 

i forgot i shaved my facial hair into a stache and lmaod at the mirror this morning

OK so plan:
Step 1) establish communism
Step 2) ???
Step 3) boys in skirts

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