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If god didn't want me to have sex, why'd they make my ass this thicc? :blobdab:

I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here, but:
:sparkles_pink: women :sparkles_pink:

Oh hey cool, my account is over a year old and I've never written an introduction.
I'll add that to my "to do" pile.


disappointed to say that I couldn't find the carbon footprint of the production of methamphetamine within two minutes of looking up a single term online.

I really like the new Spider-Man movies.
Not because of my bisexuality and the choice of actors though.
That's got nothing to do with that.
Nothing at all.


Just sneezed so hard my nose hurt

Do you turn invisible when you're trans and have a kid or when your kid is trans?

Seats that force you to sit upright are homophobic

Stupid pun 

mangiare (italian) = to eat
manger (french) = to eat
Manjaro (Linux Distro) = sounds similar

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Stupid pun 

I'd try Manjaro, but it always makes me hungry thinking about it...

Why do I keep having crushes on couples? It's quite annoying.

Dumb Lil Nas X pun 

Montero: hella gay
INDUSTRY BABY: criminally gay

Ford I just want to hold a duck like a hamburger

Thank you Netflix, it really helps that you recommend me to continue watching a show I've literally finished half an hour ago.

Listening to my playlist before bed: a fun roulette game with options ranging from Dodie's "She" to Rammstein's "Links 2 3 4"

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