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If god didn't want me to have sex, why'd they make my ass this thicc? :blobdab:

Me, procrastinating: "I should really stop procrastinating."

Probably the wrong audience, but which one would you rather have?

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Meanwhile, the ones that have the power to stop this shit from happening are getting stuffed because companies make ridiculous profits due to these very issues and the people in power are (indirectly) bribed by said companies to ignore those problems, for example politicians that don't want to lose tax money or local jobs because they fear that they won't be reelected if those things were to decrease during their election turn (or they're just plain corrupt).

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rant, politics, pessimism 

I just feel like the world is completely fucked and almost no one cares or bothers thinking about it, be it climate change, environment destruction, surveillance capitalism or the overuse of meds like antibiotics. People don't (want to) care / think that they (or the government) can't do anything about it anyways, so they just go on living their lives, contributing to the problems they oftentimes are aware of.

Arduino Nano: a really versatile programmable microcontroller that apparently can't pretend to be a USB keyboard.

Every time I'm online and looking for clothes it somehow either turns into "which model is the most attractive" or "which model has the funniest facial expression" and I end up not buying anything.

Yeah, fridges are cool and all, but have you ever heard about freezers?

"Oh yeah, I'll just solder this real quick, it won't take long."
*five hours later*
"And now to find out if this even works." (It kinda did)

Remember to be kind to everyone, regardless of whether they're straight or normal.

#今あなたに足りないもの #shindanmaker


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