mh(-), plurality 

been feeling very bad about self lately, folks

in a sort of "plurality? no that is just you putting on different characters, it is fake and fake and fake and fake and fake so jot that down weirdo" kind of way

a fun thing about quarantine has been that @Dogwood and us have been increasingly unintelligible because of the gradual mutation of language that occurs in isolation

we somehow got in the habit of pronouncing initial "c" as "ch". Chereal, Choffee, et chetera.

My chronically ill friend wants to know if there is such a thing as an aide/service where you can explain your medical history ONCE, and they'll coordinate explaining things / communicating with doctors and handling all of that. Particularly if they can accompany you to appointments.

Is this a thing? My friend simply does not have the capacity any longer to continue explaining their entire medical situation to doctors over and over, especially since doctors are so fucking ableist


fuck Vinny and fuck people who IMMEDIATELY rushed to say "actually no this is fake"

I'd rather believe a victim and be proven wrong, than defend an accused abuser and be right

Today i started seeds for: cabbage carrot, lettuce onion, basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley

I've got real garden space!!! This is so cool!!!

plurality, asking for advice 

fellow systems what do you do when you wake up and you're like "i do not know who i am, i do not know who is fronting right now"

super super super super sexual, nsfw, body wishes 

Sure would be nice if I had a donut asshole

csa, incest, grooming 

something that disturbs me about myself: when I think of my father, when I think of his sexual advances and grooming (we never engaged in any acts, but there was a lot of shit that was borderline), when I think of the times he told me about the dreams he had in which he was fucking me...I don't feel much of anything. I don't feel hurt, I don't feel scared or triggered. I don't get triggered by incest, it doesn't seem to HURT. And in a way, *that* hurts.

sophie labelle 

so fucking pissed off. good job, you fucking creep, you just did immeasurable harm to our community.

physical health(-), joint hypermobility + dislocation 

incredible to realize that I've been dislocating my shoulder for who the FUCK knows how long, and that what I thought was just "cracking my shoulder" like people crack their knuckles, was in fact me RELOCATING MY SHOULDER

if the doctor I'm seeing in March says I don't have EDS then I'll be hard-pressed to figure out what the FUCK I do have

Selfie, eye contact, joint dislocation 

I don't have an EDS diagnosis but I'll be damned if i don't expect to get one soon

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Selfie, eye contact, joint dislocation 

Comparison between my arms before fixing the dislocation: you can see that one arm is significantly longer than the other

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Selfie, eye contact, joint dislocation 

Before and after shots of me popping my shoulder back into place after a dislocation (i do this basically every day)

A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other. #mutualaid

me: all right, time for me to drink my coffee and watch something on youtube perhaps, and -

youtube: hey do you want a maned wolf getting tummy rubs

me: i...

me: i don't know why you think i want this

youtube: but you want this, right?

me: you are absolutely right, yes.

erotic fiction, ok to boost 

Hey all please enjoy this smut I wrote starring basically my only two straight OCs

To defeat fascism, we all HAVE to get organized. Contact a socialist organization. Get involved. There's no time to decide anymore. Put aside squabbles, get ready to work with people you might not like or wholly agree with, get out there and do whatever you can.

The fascists are training, mobilizing, base-building. We should be doing this, too. Tell everyone you know. Talk about it. Encourage people. We HAVE to. We have to do this and start talking to everyone we know.

Star Trek fan artists who draw alien characters as more overtly nonhuman than the makeup crews could ever manage? Y'all are a mitzvah beyond what i can express in words.

will people finally realize that violent repression of fascists and curtails on their freedom of speech and political activities are the ONLY tactics that work?

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