I love the game of cheoss. The struggle of Skin vs Shirt, the intricate moves of the Horse and the Priest, the social values of regicide. 10/10 also there are squares

Folks who think that "fuck cis people" is a legitimately harmful thing to say cook their steak in the microwave and should not be taken seriously

Don't make me post the "my name is Olivia" copypasta

arguing with someone on Twitter rn and...how much of a goofball do you have to be to think that "down with cis" is a legitimately hateful and hurtful thing to say

Yesterday some comrades were suggesting that people donate to the Mashpee Wampanoag. Earlier this year they dealt with an attempt by the federal government to revoke government recognition of their tribe & the land rights that entailed. They also run a community food bank. The US government recognizes today as Native American Heritage Day (controversially, as it coincides with what has unofficially been the major commercial free-for-all called Black Friday for decades now), so today seems like a good day to share their donations page


Hi hello post capitalism won't work if we don't drastically reduce our production and consumption have a nice day

I am like fully fucked up by the revelation that I have joint hypermobility and probably have EDS and went my entire life thinking this was how normal bodies worked hahahaha my brain is fucking melting

New York and New Jersey aren't so much neighboring states as rival clans, New Yorkers being superior of course

joints, picture, request for advice 

EDS/hypermobile friends, is this a "normal" joint? is this a hyperextended elbow? because I thought this was normal, for elbows

potentially having EDS 

apparently this body meets a total of 6 of the 9 points on the Beighton scale?

- Nyx (I too will get my own account eventually)

Ducktales 2017 Goldie O'Gilt is over a hundred years old and seems to have about the same mobility and joint paints that my 37-years-old toches has :|

@Dogwood is demonstrating eir hypermobility to me, and i'm just like
i'm so sorry
i'm pretty sure you have EDS
and that's gonna be Problems in a few years
and also
cw body horror?

lovesick kobold, new to the big city and missing the warmth of his dragon

if you don't boost my art I'll bark at you

if you do I'll, still bark at you but,,, lovingly

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mental health musings 

is anyone else just like....incapable of considering that their physical/mental health issues are at all important or serious? like i'm constantly thinking that if I don't feel Consumed By Agonizing Fire and I'm not too disabled to work that I must be living in paradise with no issues, somehow

thanksgiving psa:

colonizers don't get to make jokes about americans spreading plague as a thanksgiving tradition. i have no clue why you'd think its chill to make genocide jokes, especially at a time where indigenous populations on reservations are being decimated by C19.

give money to indigenous people and amplify their voices instead.

mh (-) 

I would like to believe that I am not deliberately lying and falsifying everything about myself


when did humans switch from, "O! Þe dragon is a monstrous creatyr, what hath venom of flamme", to "...hot draggie💗"
the koboldification of humanity

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