A lot of the friction of modern life comes from capitalism's mandate that the workplace must operate with the smallest number of staff possible. To do otherwise is to needlessly spend money that could go to profits, the theory goes.

In practice, this means that every workplace is constantly running on the ragged edge of failure and disaster, keeping it together by their fingernails. So staff are stressed, struggling and burned out, and customers are rarely if ever satisfied.


"Just in Time" (JIT) needs to be replaced with "Just Before Failure" (JBF).

In engineering, eliminating excess strength is a benefit. In designing the Gossamer Condor, parts that failed every time got strengthened; parts that NEVER failed got weakened.

Works in machines because failure-space analysis is a science. Doesn't work in trans-human organisms (corporations) because the meatbags are infinitely unreliable.


@Benhm3 Which then leads to an obsession with weeding out the "less reliable" workers, ie, anyone who has personal challenges or needs accommodations. So that the vulnerable are left even further behind, and this is treated as virtuous and good. It's sickening.

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